‘Wrestling Genius’ Son Ji-hoon “I will repay fans’ expectations as an injury-free player”

“As an athlete, I want to become a champion, so I will definitely challenge when the opportunity comes.” Son Ji-hoon (30, Savage Squad, photo ),

second in the flyweight ranking of the domestic mixed martial arts group ‘Black Combat’ and ‘wrestling genius’ On the 8th, he said, “I haven’t been able to play well due to frequent injuries, but I will take good care of my body and lead my career as a player without injury.” As Sohn said, he has been unable to play due to various injuries. In particular, in June of last year, after beating Kim “Viper” Seong-ung (28, Bon Jiu-Jitsu Gunpo), who ranked 3rd in the black combat bodyweight division, he was unable to compete for nearly a year. On the other hand, ‘rival’ Kim, who lost to Son, competed with ‘Bad Guy’ Lee Jun-young (29, Xavi MMA), who ranked 4th in the rankings, at the ‘Black Combat 6’ tournament to be held in Incheon on the 15th for the first vacant flyweight championship belt. are going to compete. Sohn said, “I haven’t been able to fight properly due to an injury, and I want to go to the bantamweight class, but if I can make a second match or a title match with Viper (Kim Seong-woong), I will play in the flyweight division without going to the wall.” We won, but if we play the second game, we will definitely finish it and gain the upper hand.” He is a ‘wrestling genius’ who has been on the ‘elite course’ of wrestling for over 10 years, from his school days to the adult unemployment team. 토토사이트

Sohn said, “I knew how to use all wrestling techniques as a wrestler, but I only polished and polished my best skill called ‘blast double’.” It is a technique to strike and knock it down. The opponent knows it, but it is hit.”

On the other hand, his lack of experience, such as his MMA (mixed martial arts) pro record (2 wins, 1 loss), is cited as a weakness. In MMA competitions, you have to know how to do not only wrestling but also hitting, jiu-jitsu, grappling, and street fighting, so Son who is only good at wrestling is at a disadvantage.

He said, “I don’t have much MMA experience, but I’m training intensively to improve my punching power.” did. He continued, “I have changed a lot in the MMA style, and the strategy has also changed in many ways.”

Regarding his future goal, Sohn said, “I will always fight hotly and strongly in matches to make the fans go wild” and “If I don’t get injured, I will challenge Asia’s largest organization ‘One Championship’ in 5 years.”

In addition, “I will teach the officials how to wrestle well with Park Jong-heon (32, No. 1 in the Black Combat Lightweight Ranking), who is the director of the same gym,” and “When timid people come to the gym, they improve their personality,

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