‘Worst pardon wave’ Football Association announces 25 new executives, ‘including Chairman Mueller and Lee Geun-ho’

 The new executive branch of the Korea Football Association was unveiled.

The Football Association formed a new executive team at the Seoul Soccer Center at 10:00 am on the 2nd.

The Football Association was embroiled in the’amnesty controversy’ last month. A surprise pardon was issued for 100 soccer players who were being disciplined for various acts. Along with the unilateral announcement, 48 players who were expelled in 2011 for match-fixing in professional football were included among the targets, which shocked the public. Soccer fans were outraged by this and requested the withdrawal of the pardon.

Eventually, the Football Association officially withdrew the pardon on the 31st. Chairman Chung said, “I am very sorry for my shortcomings in the pardon decision process. I will humbly accept the criticism and criticism inflicted on me and the Korea Football Association, and use it as an opportunity to stand again as a better organization. Once again, I bow my head in apology for causing great concern to soccer fans and the public.”

Still, the noise continued. Lee Young-pyo and Lee Dong-guk, vice presidents of the Football Association, stepped down as responsibility for failing to prevent the amnesty withdrawal. As the association’s vice-presidents and all executives resigned en masse, a situation arose that a new organization had to be formed.바카라사이트

The new Executive Board consisted of a total of 25 members. Among them, seven people, including Vice Chairman Choi Young-il and Lee Seok-jae, Jung Hae-seong, Michael Müller, Lee Im-saeng, Seo Dong-won, subcommittee chairman, and Cho Yeon-sang, director, were decided to remain in office.

Full-time vice chairman Kim Jeong-bae was newly appointed, and Han Jun-ui soccer commentator, Jang O-ryong, former Chongqing coach, Won Young-shin, Yonsei University emeritus professor, and Ajou University coach Ha Seok-joo joined as vice chairman. Lawyer Yoon-Nam Lee and Lawyer So-Jin Kim Tae-Young, former national team member, served as the subcommittee.

Starting with Kang Myeong-won, former head of FC Seoul, Cuchen CEO Park Jae-soon, Jo Deok-je, FC Mokpo coach, Shin Yeon-ho, Korea University coach, Lee Geun-ho (Daegu FC), Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC Women’s), Won-seok Won, former director of Sports Seoul, Noh Su-jin, teacher at Yeongdeungpo Technical High School, Jeon Jeon-rim Physical education teacher at Deokseong Girls’ High School and Park In-soo, former general affairs director of the Football Association, took the position of director.

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