Will the K-League box office frenzy break through to ‘Rain’… Children’s Day Largest Audience Challenge

The K-League, a professional soccer team that enjoyed a box office success, challenges the record for the largest number of spectators on Children’s Day in the rain.

According to the Korea Professional Football Federation on the 4th, a total of 619,168 people visited the 60 games up to the 10th round of the K-League 1 held last weekend, recording an average number of spectators of 10,319.

It is a figure that far exceeds twice the average crowd of 3,991 until the 10th round last season.

Even considering that there were restrictions on spectator admission at the beginning of last year due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), the increase is surprising.

Since 2018, when only paid spectators were counted, the record for the most spectators per game until round 10 is 8,693 in the 2019 season.

Even if you look at the seasons since 2013 when the promotion system was introduced, the average spectator has never exceeded 10,000 until the 10th round.

The rise of FC Seoul, a popular club, and the performance of promoted teams Daejeon Hana Citizen and Gwangju FC, which surprise existing first division teams with their hot attacking soccer, are analyzed as reasons for the box office success.

The Pro League is trying to continue the ‘box-office craze’ by breaking the record for the highest number of spectators in the ‘Children’s Day Round’ in the 11th round, which will be held on the 5th and 6th.

After counting paid spectators, the highest number of spectators for the Children’s Day round was 60,523 in the 2019 season.

With 10,000 people filling the stands per game this season, it won’t be difficult to break the 2019 season record if it attracts more family fans.

The fact that the Seoul home game, which attracted 30,000 spectators at the Seoul World Cup Stadium for the last two games in a row, is scheduled for this round also makes us look forward to setting a new record.

There has never been a club that has received more than 30,000 spectators for three consecutive games since the count of paid spectators. Even from the first year of the K-League, there are only four times: Suwon Samsung in the 2002 season (6 consecutive times), Busan in the 1998 season (4 consecutive times), Seoul in the 2011 season (4 consecutive times), and Bucheon in the 2002 season (now Jeju, 3 consecutive times).ㅋㅋㅋ벳

The match between Incheon United and Suwon Samsung at Incheon Soccer Stadium is expected to attract the largest number of spectators since its opening.

According to the Incheon club, 8,000 people have pre-booked tickets by the 2nd, which is the highest figure since the opening.

However, it is bad news that rain is predicted on Children’s Day.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, it will rain with a probability of 60% on the afternoon of the 5th and 30% on the afternoon of the 6th.

Attention is focusing on whether the K-League will be able to break through the rain and continue the box office record march.

A professional league official said, “We are checking the number of spectators with excitement as if we are opening a stock account for each round.” I will,” he said.

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