Will Korean Air end its losing streak against KB Insurance, who met turbulence with its ‘4 consecutive losses’?

 Can Korean Air, a men’s professional volleyball club that is shaking with 4 consecutive losses, break its losing streak against KB Insurance?

Korean Air will play the Dodram 2022-23 season V-League men’s round 5 home game against KB Insurance at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon at 7:00 pm on the 14th.

The two teams are diametrically opposed in rank and flow. In terms of ranking alone, Korean Air, the leader with 19 wins and 8 losses (56 points)메이저놀이터, is far ahead of KB Insurance, which is ranked 6th with 11 wins and 16 losses (32 points).

However, the atmosphere is KB Insurance’s absolute advantage. While the leader, Korean Air, fell into a 4-game losing streak, KB Insurance is enjoying a 3-game winning streak.

In particular, Korean Air has not been able to regain its momentum since it suffered a shutout loss to KB Insurance on January 24th. If you look at the 5th round record (3 losses), it is the lowest 7th place.

In the meantime, second place Hyundai Capital (52 points) caught up with a difference of 4 points. It’s still the most favorable situation, but it’s hard not to have a longer losing streak.

For Korean Air, it is the beginning of a losing streak and the determination to make KB Insurance, which gave an unexpected shock defeat, a sacrifice for a rebound.

There is nothing more effective than ‘revenge’ in changing the mood.

As it is a team full of veterans, it is also an opportunity to get on the flow again.

On the other hand, KB Insurance has nothing to fear. There is a reason for coach Hu In-jeong’s confidence, who repeatedly says, “I haven’t given up on spring volleyball yet,” in every victory speech.

KB Insurance, which narrowed the gap with 5th place OK Financial Group (39 points), which seemed distant, to 7 points, is full of motivation for spring volleyball, which is given up to 4th place.

In particular, in the Woori Card Match on January 31st, the team atmosphere completely improved after the set score of 0-2 was overturned to 3-2.

Andres Vijena (registered name Vijena) showed confidence, saying, “The team atmosphere is good and everything we trained for is coming out on the court. We need to win more games, but we can do that.” In momentum, there is no team to be pushed.

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