Will KGC use a ‘double-edged sword’ again?

There are no double mistakes. Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, the professional basketball regular league champion who dreams of winning the championship, chose a ‘double-edged sword’.

KGC defeated Goyang Carrot 76-70 in the 3rd game of the 2022-2023 professional basketball quarterfinal playoffs (PO, 5 matches, 3 wins) held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 17th.

KGC, which gave Carrot the second home game on the 15th, got back on track in two days. There is only one win left before advancing to the championship match. The probability that the side that won 2 wins first from the previous semifinal PO to the 3rd game advanced to the championship game was 90%.

The secret to KGC’s smile was the full-court press, which puts pressure on the opponent’s court first. This defense, which is persistent from the moment the opponent catches the ball, is really sharp if prepared well. If you steal the ball, you can make a quick attack at once, and if you block the ball transport to the half line for only 8 seconds, you can bring the right to attack. Even if you break through this defense, it is difficult for a tired opponent to unleash a perfect attack within 24 seconds.

The problem is that even the full-court press consumes a lot of stamina. Since the fast-footed players in the front line are the targets, it is impossible to dare unless you have tolerable stamina. This is why this defense is regarded as a momentary win-win that pierces the opponent’s surprise.

It is even more burdensome in POs where matches are played every two days. This could be a sign that KGC’s main gun, Omari Spellman,’s PO score (22 points → 19 points → 5 points) in the quarterfinals is gradually decreasing. If Spellman struggles in the championship game, it is not easy for KGC to win the championship. 먹튀검증

Nevertheless, KGC coach Kim Sang-shik did not give up the double-edged sword. After giving up the second game, in the third game, he made a decision when he was hit with five 3-pointers and pulled to 0-15 within 4 minutes of starting the game. From the second quarter, the full-court press was adopted as a basic defense to catch Carrot’s ankle, and he focused on the opponent’s depleted stamina.

In fact, Carrot’s 3-point shooting success rate, which was 50% in the first quarter, fell to 40% in the second quarter, and then to 30% and 25% in the third and fourth quarters, respectively. Coach Kim Sang-sik will also bet on a full-court press in the 4th game to be held on the 19th. I am worried about the consumption of stamina, but it is calculated that it is better than going to the last 5 games. Director Kim Sang-sik said, “We are having a hard time, but the opponent is even harder. Trying to keep pushing (full-court press). I want to finish in the 4th game,” he said.

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