When there is no grass around the green

This year has been a challenging one for golf course maintenance. The heat wave and frequent rains have left many fields damaged, especially when there’s no grass around the greens. Today, we’re going to show you how to attack the green when there’s no grass.

If the area around the green is bare, you should never hit a float shot. If the ball is close to the green, you may want to choose a putter. I have my own criteria for picking up the putter: first, I check the distance: my ball shouldn’t be too far from the entrance to the green. If it’s about one step, I’ll always pick up the putter. But if it’s more than three steps, it’s hard to use the putter. If you’re a beginner, grabbing a 9-iron isn’t a bad idea – just roll it like you’re putting.

Once you’ve got some momentum, you’ll want to grab a wedge, even if you don’t have grass. Again, club selection is important. If you have some distance, I would recommend a pitching wedge or a 52-degree. This is because you don’t have to make as much contact as you would with a 58-degree.

On a running approach, the ball is in front of your right foot, and when you take your grip, your hands are naturally in front of your head. This is hand-first, which means nothing if you don’t have a hand-first at address. The perfect hand-first is achieved by placing your hands close to your left thigh.메이저놀이터

The width of the stance should be narrower than usual. The downswing should be corkscrewed as well. The wrist angle should be maintained throughout the swing. This is the key to achieving accurate contact and distance. The body should rotate naturally during the approach, not just the hands. 14-time Korea-Japan Tour champion and former spotter

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