“What if it’s three days, challenge yourself in any event”

“If everything in this world, including our bodies, stops, it eventually hardens and becomes dirty. Even if the pond looks clear, if you dig through it once, the accumulated mud will rise. As water flows, I have to keep moving my body to stay healthy. Unlike in the past, it is satisfying to see female juniors who dare to take on vigorous sports such as soccer through TV programs.”

Singer Woo Soon-sil (61), whom I met at a studio in Gimpo on the 27th, claimed to be a ‘movement evangelist’. After receiving a bronze medal for ‘Lost Umbrella’ at the 6th MBC College Song Festival in 1982, she cited ‘regular exercise’ as the secret to continuing her singing career for over 40 years.

Woo Soon-sil is a certified qigong gymnastics expert. She started in 2004 and has been practicing for nearly 20 years without missing a day. She said, “After sending her eldest child away to heaven, her body and mind were devastated. A senior singer recommended (qigong gymnastics) to her when she was having a hard time just enduring day by day,” he said, explaining her initiation process. I felt it,” he explained.

Continuing his relationship with qigong gymnastics, Woo Soon-sil realized the importance of exercise. “I experienced a virtuous cycle in which my thoughts change positively as I get vitality while moving my body, and the brighter thoughts have a good effect on my body,” he said. I think,” he said.

Since then, he has opened his eyes to sports that he enjoys with others. He participated in the celebrity golf team and bowling team and learned both sports diligently. She often plays golf or bowls with her close friends.

I also fell in love with the charm of ‘watching sports’. Woo Soon-sil said, “I fell in love with Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham)’s play and became an avid viewer of the English Premier League. “If she were 10 years younger, she might have participated as a player in a TV variety show featuring women’s soccer,” she said. smiled broadly.

The rate of participation in sports for all Korean women has been steadily maintaining in the low to mid 60% for the past few years. In a survey conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism last year, 62% of women responded that they exercised at least once a week. Even at 메이저놀이터

Future tasks do not stop at increasing the number of women participating in sports for all. It is time to lead qualitative and quantitative growth together, such as increasing the ratio of ‘active participants’ who have raised the number and intensity of exercise and diversifying sports. Compared to the past, women are actively participating in sports, but the bias in sports is severe. According to a survey by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, jogging (including running) accounted for 49.4% of all sports events enjoyed by women, nearly half. Yoga, Pilates, and Taebo accounted for 12.8%, and swimming accounted for 12.4%, accounting for 74.6% of the three sports groups.

Woo Soon-sil said, “There was a time when I myself considered ‘exercise’ as something unfamiliar and burdensome.” Even if it’s just three days, it’s okay, so I have to challenge myself in any event. You have to feel your body wake up through exercise so you can do it for a long time and enjoy it.”

She continued, “We plan to increase the number of performances starting this year in order to communicate with fans who had to distance themselves for a while due to the Corona 19 pandemic. I will also actively utilize the YouTube channel that is being operated,” she added, “because I can manage my body through exercise, I am confident in my physical strength.”

a time when outdoor activities were contracted due to the Corona 19 pandemic, it remained in the 60% range.

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