“We have to play basketball” DB coach Lee Sang-beom’s way to escape losing streak

 “The opponent is not important. We have to play our basketball.”

Wonju DB, which is at the bottom of the league with three consecutive losses, will meet Carrot, the top team in the league, at home. It’s not an easy opponent. In particular, DB lost to Carrot in the first and second rounds. However, ahead of this game, DB coach Lee Sang-beom did not lose his composure. It emphasized the important points close to the basics rather than special measures to escape a losing streak. It was that DB players had to maintain their original play. 토토

DB will have a home game for the 3rd round of the ‘2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball’ at Wonju Gymnasium on the 13th. Ahead of the game, coach Lee emphasized, “We have to play our basketball. The opponent is not important, but we are important.” It was an order to show the original team color to the team players who are currently tied for 9th place with Suwon KT with 3 consecutive losses. If you lose on this day, DB will be in last place alone with 4 consecutive losses. Nonetheless, coach Lee calmly ordered ‘DB-down play’.

Currently, DB has greatly weakened due to injuries to key players. Doo Kyung-min has recovered from his injury, but Kang Sang-jae and Dwan Hernandez, the number one foreign player, are injured. DB recruited Demetrius Treadwell, who played in the Israeli league, as a temporary substitute and made his debut against SK on the 11th. However, Treadwell will need some time to adjust to the KBL league.

Director Lee said, “Doo Kyung-min needs to adjust the playing time. Today, I send him out as a starter, and I’m thinking about 15 to 18 minutes depending on the condition of my knee.” I brought him in. I know that being a center, being tough and full of fighting spirit is my strength, but I still have to adapt more. It’s my first time experiencing Asian basketball, so I need time.”

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