‘Veteran’s seasoned beauty with a total of 129 wins’ Jang Won-joon Futures 5 innings 1 run hot pitching…’I haven’t given up yet’ 

Fastball best speed 140km Although not pitched in his heyday, left-handed pitcher Jang Won-joon with a total of 129 wins in the KBO League cooked KIA batters with his skill.

Veteran Jang Won-jun, who recorded an average ERA of 3.71 in 27 games, 17 innings, 1 loss and 6 holds last season, is sweating in the Futures League, aiming for a comeback.

The 2023 KBO Futures League double header between Doosan Bears and KIA Tigers was held at Doosan Bears Park in Icheon on the 27th. Jang Won-joon, who took the mound as the starting pitcher for the first game, worked with catcher Ahn Seung-han.

It was a sunny day, but with a cold wind blowing, Jang Won-joon melted his hand by blowing his breath in the middle of his pitch.

Jang Won-joon allowed a double to lead hitter KIA Park Jeong-woo in the first inning. Park Jeong-woo advanced to third base when the follow-up hitter Kim Seon-woo grounded to second base. From the beginning of the game, there was a risk of conceding 1 out and 3 base. In the first pitch, Jeong Hae-won was induced to ground to 1st base and got 2 outs. 4th hitter Lim Seok-jin got a timely hit and gave up the first run, but Choi Jeong-yong induced a ground ball and finished the inning without any additional runs.

Starting the second inning with a hit by lead batter Han Seung-yeon, Jang Won-joon skillfully guided Park Seung-hun to a ground ball and eliminated all runners with a double play. Son Ho-Won then struck out with 4 balls.

After 1 run in the 3rd inning, Park Jeong-woo walks and Kim Seon-woo hits, 1 out and 1st and 2nd bases are in danger of conceding additional runs. Jang Won-joon erased the crisis by striking out two batters in a row, Jeong Hae-won and Lim Seok-jin, with sharp pitching that pierced the corner of the border line. 크크크벳

4th inning Choi Jeong-yong left fielder fly ball – Han Seung-yeon strikes out – Park Seung-hun hit – Son Ho-won center fielder fly ball. In the last inning, the 5th inning, shortstop Choi Soo-bin grounded – Park Jung-woo hit – Kim Seon-woo hit – Jeong Hae-won grounded to first base – Lim Seok-jin walked and loaded the bases with 2 out. Jang Won-joon struck out Choi Jeong-yong and demonstrated the crisis management ability of a veteran pitcher.

On this day, Jang Won-joon showed efficient pitching by throwing a fastball with a maximum speed of 140 km, a curveball, a slider, and a changeup to catch hitters. 74 pitches. 5 innings, 3 strikeouts, 2 walks, 7 hits and 1 run. He got a hit every inning, but he didn’t allow runners to come home after he got out of base due to situational skillful pitching.

After the game, Jang Won-joon said, “The overall balance was better than the previous game today. “he said.

Jang Won-joon, a veteran pitcher who has not won in the last 4 years. There is only one win left until the 130th win in his career. Jang Won-joon, who wants to get back on the mound for the first team and throw his own ball, is competing with young players in Futures, aiming for his comeback.

Jang Won-Jun, who recently appeared as a starting pitcher in both games for the Futures, is showing good form. We support the veteran pitcher who is doing his best until the end without giving up.

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