‘Up to 2nd place – 1 win’ BNK coach Jeong-eun Park “Emphasized to dominate the baseline in the beginning”

Head coach Park Jeong-eun, who left one win up to second place, emphasized the early start.

Busan BNK Some will face off against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball Bucheon Hanawon Q on the 27th at the Bucheon Gymnasium in round 6. The power difference between BNK in second place and Hana 1Q in bottom place is clear메이저놀이터. However, as Hana 1 Q won a complete victory against Shinhan Bank in Incheon on the 23rd, it is a situation that can never be caught off guard.

BNK coach Park Jung-eun said, “When I saw Hanawon Q’s play against Shinhan Bank, I thought I should be careful. Since it is a team that flows well, I said that we should stick to the basics. Defense is especially important. I plan to pay attention to the opponent’s attacks using transitions or mismatches.”

Recently, BNK’s game schedule is tight. Starting with the match against Shinhan Bank on the 19th, we are playing 4 matches in 9 days. For this reason, managing the condition of the team is even more important.

“I paid the most attention to the condition of the players. No matter how young players are, fatigue accumulates, so they don’t know their condition well. Through the meeting, I fully managed my physical strength. I took care to maintain a better condition. I try to think of it as going through the playoff schedule ahead of time.” Director Park Jeong-eun said.

If they win the game today, BNK will secure 2nd place with 17 wins (12 losses) of the season. This is because they have the upper hand against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (16-13) and Shinhan Bank (16-13).

Regarding this, coach Park Jeong-eun said, “Hanawon Q is the last home game, so it will not be easy. We always fought closely in the beginning when playing against Hana 1 Q. So, I emphasized pressure on the players. You have to get the baseline pressure to get comfortable in the second half. I explained to the players the reason for going into a close match in the early stages, so I think it will be a good game if they implement it well.”

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