“Tottenham, wearing a fur coat with no panties”

Tottenham Hotspur have a fur coat and no panties, the British media likened it.

The British Daily Mail said on the 23rd (Korean time), ‘Harry Kane is an irreplaceable player. It is a disaster for Tottenham to lose him to a rival,” he advised, saying that Tottenham must succeed in renewing the contract with Kane.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham ends in the summer of 2024.

Kane wants to win. Tottenham is hard to win메이저놀이터. Tottenham has been ‘unrelated’ for 15 years since winning the League Cup in 2008. Tottenham one-club man Kane is of course irrelevant.

Kane was about to leave Tottenham because he wanted to win the title. He requested a move to Manchester City in 2021, but was blocked by Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy.

The second crisis has arrived. This summer, the possibility of Kane’s transfer is higher than ever. It is difficult for Tottenham to keep Kane unconditionally. If Kane does not renew his contract, he will be released as a free agent in 2024. If that happens, Tottenham will not receive a penny of the transfer fee and will say goodbye to Kane.

In other words, Tottenham must either sell Kane very expensive this summer or extend the contract regardless of means and methods.

The Daily Mail recommended the latter.

The Daily Mail said, ‘Tottenham should do whatever is necessary within reasonable limits. Whether it’s a creative, adjustable buyout, or a phenomenal bonus if you win, you have to ensure Kane stays. Kane is like a jewel in the crown. He is irreplaceable,” he said, pointing out that Tottenham are nothing without Kane.

The Daily Mail said, ‘Levy should give Kane whatever he wants. He must use all means. Tottenham need to face the market they find themselves in. Sometimes, a bold investment is also necessary for a sustainable model.”

Meanwhile, the clubs coveting Kane are Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and Manchester United in the Premier League. It is said that Munich has concluded that Kane is the most complete striker for the club as a result of an internal analysis. Manchester United want Kane but find it difficult and are keeping an eye on Victor Osimen and Marcus Thuram.

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