“They messed around and flirted”… Liverpool’s ‘Klopp’ manager injured his thigh during a ceremony and had friction with the refereeing apparatus

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp was too coy about it, and eventually became a gossip.

English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp injured Son Heung-min’s muscles (hamstring) on ​​the back of his thigh (hamstring) while running back and forth after he beat Son Heung-min 4-3 against Tottenham.

Disgraced coach Jurgen Klopp is facing criticism this time for a conflict with the EPL refereeing body.

According to the Associated Press, the English Professional Match Refereeing Organization (PGMOL) issued a statement on the 1st (local time) to refute comments aimed at referee Paul Tierney, who was the referee at the time, after Klopp won 4-3 in the 34th round home game against Tottenham. did.

PGMOL said, “The actions of EPL match officials are recorded on the communication system during all matches.” “I checked the voice of referee Tierney and he acted professionally throughout the game, including warning the Liverpool manager. Referee Tierney’s actions We strongly refute the allegation that this was inappropriate.”

Previously, coach Klopp told Sky Sports after the game, “My team and Mr. Tierney have a history. I don’t know what this person has to do with our team.” did.

Liverpool, who led 3-0 in the first half, were driven to the risk of missing the victory as Son Heung-min scored 3 goals and scored 1 assist.

However, in the second half of extra time, Diogo Jota scored the winning goal after snatching Lucas Mora’s pass error, and Liverpool took the lead again.

Then, coach Klopp, who had been dissatisfied with the referee throughout the game, could not control his joy and ran to the referee and held a ceremony with a roar.

In the process, he moved so violently that he grabbed the muscle behind his left thigh and frowned in pain.

Klopp continued to hold the ground with a limp, but the ceremony in question was interpreted as a provocation towards the referee and he was also given a yellow card. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

“I didn’t say anything bad during the ceremony for the waiting, but I was immediately punished,” said Klopp. What you said is not acceptable,” he said.

However, Chris Sutton, a player-turned-journalist working for the BBC, also voiced the need for additional disciplinary action, saying that Klopp’s behavior was excessive.

“Given his behavior near the touchline, Klopp should be banned from the technical area,” Sutton said. “A fine isn’t enough. He also has a criminal record.”

After defeating Tottenham with difficulty, Liverpool overcame the sluggishness in the early and mid-season and won four league victories in a row.

Liverpool (16 wins, 8 draws, 9 losses) with 56 points beat Tottenham (54 points) and rose to fifth place.

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