The Lion Corps is weak? Take a look at Park Jin-man’s strong taste of baseball

Who said the lion corps was weak? The Samsung Lions are running first (10 wins, 3 losses, as of the 27th) in the demonstration game one day before the end. It is common knowledge in the baseball world that the results of the demonstration games have nothing to do with the results of the regular season. However, Samsung coach Park Jin-man was satisfied with the changed appearance of Samsung.

Coach Park Jin-man (47), whom we met at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 27th, said, “I am grateful for the evaluation that I am weak. The players need to be more stimulated.” It was that I had to become stronger through the desire to win. Manager Park Jin-man, who had a good impression, laughed, saying, “I even told the players, ‘Do as if you’re going to kill your opponent.’

Director Park Jin-man said, “The performance of the demonstration game itself does not mean much.” Samsung took first place in the 2016 demonstration game, but could not play fall baseball. However, what makes coach Park Jin-man happy is the content of the game. As expected by coach Park, who emphasized ‘competition’, the growth of young players who were not the starting players stood out.

Lee Seong-gyu (30), who was considered “unfinished”, took the first place (5) in homers in the demonstration game and reserved the center fielder spot that Kim Hyun-joon missed due to an injury. Outfielder Kim Tae-hoon (27), who came from KT as a compensation player for Kim Sang-soo, who transferred to free agency, is also likely to enter the opening entry. Coach Park said, “The skills of young players have improved. Demonstration matches have a strong tendency to test, but our young players have been ahead. It is meaningful that technical progress has been accumulated through a lot of training.”

Head coach Park Jin-man, who served as acting midway through last season, left for Okinawa, Japan, for finishing training after the season. In the spring camp, I practiced ground reinforcement in practice games. The word ‘strong training’, which was difficult to see recently, was the topic of discussion at the Samsung camp.

Coach Park Jin-man said, “Honestly, we don’t train as much as we did when we were players. Recently, we focus on conditioning rather than training.” Explained. Regarding the losing streak at the beginning of the practice game, he said, “It was a heavy time because of the amount of training.

After coach Park Jin-man took over the baton, Samsung recruited head coach Lee Byeong-gyu, the ‘Red Toma’. Except for his days with Japan’s Chunichi Dragons, Coach Lee only played as a player and coached at LG. However, he was called by coach Park Jin-man, a close two-year junior, and put on a blue uniform.

Coach Park said, “I am silent and calm. Chief Lee Byeong-gyu is the type who can move in front of the players. It would be nice if this chief fills in what I lack.” He continued, “(Although we have never played for the same team), we became close while playing together for a long time in the national team since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Thank you,” he said.토토사이트

Manager Park Jin-man set up various batting order in the demonstration game. Coach Park said, “Even in the second half of last year, we made a lot of changes to each game. Data was used. However, when a new season starts, everything is ‘reset’. will organize,” he said. He continued, “In the second half of the data accumulation, we try to create an atmosphere where all the fielders can go out by changing the batting order again. We try to create the idea that the players can go out at any time.”

Coach Park Jin-man played an active role as a national shortstop during his active career. He shared the glory of Korean baseball, such as a bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, a gold medal at the 2002 Busan Asian Games, a semifinalist at the 2006 1st World Baseball Classic, and a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Because Park is such a manager, the sluggishness of the WBC this year was even more heartbreaking.

Coach Park Jin-man, the youngest coach in the KBO League, said, “It was regrettable. The national team players did their best. However, if the national team’s results are bad, it is difficult to come to Korea. As a field manager, I felt a sense of responsibility.” He continued, “Young players will show a better appearance because they have gained experience. As a baseball player, I will do my best as a leader so that players can improve their skills.”

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