The first major tournament of the year, the Australian Open, opens on the 16th… Kwon Soon-woo

The Australian Open, the first major tennis tournament of the year, opens on the 16th at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. Tennis fans are paying attention to whether Rafael Nadal (2nd, Spain), who holds the record for the most major championships with 22, will run away one step further, or whether Novak Djokovic (Serbia), who won the 21st, will win and catch up with Nadal. . In Korea, Kwon Soon-woo (84th, Dangjin City Hall) competes in the men’s singles.

As Carlos Alcalas (Spain), the world number one in the men’s professional tennis (ATP) singles, was absent due to a leg injury, attention is focused on Nadal and Djokovic’s competition for the most titles in the men’s singles.

Nadal, who holds the record for the most in this category with 22 major victories in his career, is aiming to win his 23rd at this event. Djokovic and Roger Federer (retired, Switzerland), who are tied together with Nadal as the legendary ‘Big 3’, have won 21 and 20 major championships.

Nadal, who is showing off his potential at the age of 37 by winning the Australian Open and the French Open last year, is regretful that his skills have declined due to a chronic injury. It is evaluated that his performance has declined due to the chronic pain in his left foot and the abdominal muscle injury he suffered at last year’s Wimbledon. After withdrawing from the semifinals at Wimbledon, he failed to make it past the round of 16 at any tournament. He has 1 win and 6 losses in his last 7 matches.메이저놀이터

Djokovic is on the rise. He won the first round in Adelaide before the Australian Open. Above all, Djokovic is strong at the Australian Open. He has shown an overwhelmingly strong appearance at the Australian Open by winning nine times, the most ever. Last year, he failed to compete in the tournament due to the Corona 19 vaccine issue, and failed to challenge for 4 consecutive wins, but he is desperate to win this year’s tournament.

However, Djokovic is not in perfect condition like Nadal, but there are variables. Djokovic injured his hamstring while training in Australia. AFP news agency said, “Djokovic had a problem with his hamstring in the process of digesting the first match in Adelaide. On the 11th he was cut short in training for treatment,” the report said.

In Korea, Kwon Soon-woo (84th, Dangjin City Hall) competes in the men’s singles. Kwon Soon-woo, who achieved his best performance in the second round of the major tournament last year, is looking forward to rising to a higher level in this tournament. Kwon Soon-woo is currently on the rise, reaching the semifinals in the 2nd tournament in Adelaide.

In the women’s singles, Lee, who is emerging as the strongest, will challenge Sibiong Tech (1st place, Poland) to win the 4th major championship in his career. Sibiontech won the French Open and the US Open last year.

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