The core of the Golden State core, likely to leave the team

 The probability of Bob Myers, who founded the Golden State dynasty, leaving the team is increasing.

The Athletic, a local media outlet, reported on the 18th that “the probability that general manager Bob Myers will leave the club is increasing.”

According to the media, general manager Myers and Golden State are not conducting any negotiations on whether to renew the contract. General manager Myers’ contract expires in July, and he is on the natural path of leaving the team.

Myers is the creator of the Golden State dynasty. Many people cite Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and coach Steve Kerr as the core of Golden State, and Myers is the one who laid the plate for them to play in Golden State.먹튀검증

Myers, who was appointed vice-captain of Golden State in 2011, was promoted to full-time general manager 12 months later, and has held the position since then. His accomplishments include firing Mark Jackson and hiring manager Steve Kerr, keeping Klay Thompson intact, acquiring Kevin Durant, and acquiring Andrew Wiggins as a trade. He is already a general manager recognized by the league enough to have won the Manager of the Year award twice.

If General Manager Myers leaves, he will be the fatal blow of the deadly for Golden State. With less than two months left before his contract expires, there is no discussion about renewing his contract, so the chances of him leaving are very high. Will Myers really leave Golden State like this?

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