The bitter voice of the hairy Ace, a ‘four-year veteran’, “Our players’ confidence is lower than I believe” 

Dan Strayley (35), the ‘hairy ace’ who is celebrating his 4th season in the KBO League, is among the best in the team in terms of age. Among pitchers, he is the next in age after transfer veterans such as Cha Woo-chan, Shin Jeong-rak, and Kim Sang-soo메이저놀이터 (36 or older). 

He has only played for Lotte since 2020. In 2022, he knocked on the door of the major leagues, but failed, and returned to Lotte in the second half to continue his KBO league career. 

There is no problem adapting to the team as he played for a long time in a Lotte uniform. Now, he can play the role of a ‘senior’ who gives advice to domestic pitchers. During his first spring camp in 2020, Strayley demonstrated his shoulder strengthening method and routine in front of pitchers and informed them. Lotte has a lot of relatively young pitchers, so I hoped that the coaching staff would step up and pass on their experience to Strayley. He basically played the role of an ace on the mound, and even took on the role of a ‘mentor’. 

Strayley said, “I’m not a coach, but if my colleagues come to me and ask me about baseball, of course I’ll tell them. I love talking about baseball and sharing good baseball skills, so if my colleagues ask, I can tell them.” He explained, “Before, I was practicing the use of the pelvis inside the Sajik Stadium, and my colleagues would ask me how to do it.”

However, Strayley wants his colleagues to develop more self-confidence and self-love. “I try to think positively, but some players seem to believe in themselves less than I believe in them,” he explained. He pointed out that although he had plenty of ability and potential, he lacked faith and confidence in himself. It could also be interpreted as meaning that one’s own limitations are impeding growth.

That’s why Strayley doesn’t hesitate to give them advice to help them grow further. “If I could just say one word to fill the players’ confidence, our team would be better,” he emphasized.

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