“The best rookie I’ve ever seen”…The highly praised rookies reveal the future of the winning team

 “This is the best rookie I’ve ever seen.”

SSG Landers has been conducting the 2023 Spring Camp at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA since the 30th of last month. Coach Won-hyeong Kim brought five new players to the spring camp for the first team온라인카지노, including pitchers Roun Lee and Youngjin Song, outfielders Jungmin Kim, and infielders Minjoon Kim and Gunwoong Kim.

All of them are regarded as resources that will be responsible for the future of SSG. Lee Rowoon, a native of Daegu High School, is a promising pitcher who entered the 2023 draft as the 5th pick in the first round. Since high school, he has thrown a fast ball that has reached 150 km and is a pitcher with stable control.

Youngjin Song graduated from Daejeon High School and was nominated for SSG in the 15th place in the second round. His average velocity is in the mid-140 km range, and he uses a fastball with a maximum velocity of 151 km. He is good at digesting innings, and he is regarded as a key to SSG’s future starting mound.

Coach Won-hyung Kim, who played an active role as a top pitcher in the KBO League, wanted to see them in person, and is closely observing the players from close range. First of all, the command tower gave a ‘passing grade’. Director Kim praised the new pitchers, saying, “The young pitchers look good. I like Lee Rowoon and Song Youngjin. Lee Rowoon, who was selected in the first round, looks confident. His pitch is especially good.”

Beasts are also popular. Kim Jung-min, who graduated from Gyeongnam High School, was selected as the 25th overall in the 3rd round. He wore the SSG uniform while being evaluated as the biggest outfielder in high school. Kim Jung-min, who did short track speed skating as a child, is said to have excellent lower body strength, and has all three elements of karate-juju.

Kim Gun-woong, who graduated from Yonsei University, joined the team in the 5th round and ranked 45th. Equipped with a sturdy physique, he has the advantage of being able to hit a powerful ball. Although he was not initially on the first-team camp roster, he boarded a flight to Florida in place of Noh Kyung-eun.

Kim Min-joon, from Bukil High School, was called to SSG in the 7th round with the 65th rank. In high school, he played as a top-notch shortstop. His stable defense, as well as his ability to make contact at the plate, drew attention.

Kim Jung-min, Kim Gun-woong, and Kim Min-jun are all evaluated as having good basic batting skills. Hitting coach Lee Jin-young said, “I coached at SSG for four years, and I showed the best figure among the rookies. I may not be the starting player right now, but my basic skills are solid. The player I watched when I went to Ganghwa, where the 2nd team is located, They all have their own charms,” ​​he said with satisfaction.

It is SSG that achieved the first integrated championship last year. Although they are at the top, the reality is that they are also facing the task of changing generations. SSG smiles at the performance of new players.

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