‘Tennis bad boy’ Kirios Tesla car armed robbery… Arrested by ‘tracking the app’

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrios (28), who is called ‘a bad boy on the court’, had his Tesla car stolen by armed robbers.

However, this robber was arrested 30 minutes after the crime because of the location tracking device linked to Kirios’ smartphone.

According to foreign media such as the British daily Guardian on the 2nd (local time), an armed robber wearing a black mask broke into Kirios’ house in Canberra, the capital of Australia, at 8:30 am the previous day.

The man, introducing himself as ‘Chris’, knocked on the door of the house, pointed a gun at Kirios’ mother who came out after hearing a knock and demanded the key to a green Tesla owned by Kirios parked outside the house.

After receiving the key, the robber threatened Kyrios’s mother with a gun and took her outside.

The robber did not know how to start the Tesla and asked his mother to teach him how to operate it.

Kirios’ mother managed to escape into the house when the burglar turned the gun to the other side while sitting in the driver’s seat, local police said.

Kirios and the manager at home heard his mother screaming for help and belatedly figured out the situation and called the police.

But what the robber didn’t know was that just starting the Tesla wouldn’t be enough to get away.토토사이트

This is because Kirios’ Tesla had a location tracking device linked to a smartphone.

He notified the police of the location of the car he identified through a smartphone app in real time, and also limited the maximum speed of the fleeing car to 80 km/h.

The robber was spotted by police outside Canberra within 16 minutes.

The robber did not give up and even ran away while driving in reverse, but there was no way to escape Kirios, who was clearly looking at the vehicle’s location.

In the end, the robber ran for another 15 minutes before being caught by the police waiting in a barrier in a school zone in the suburbs of Canberra.

Kyrios has excellent skills, such as last year’s Wimbledon runner-up and US Open quarterfinals, but he often clashes with referees, players, and even spectators with harsh words, so he has the nickname of a bad boy on the court.

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