Supercomputers reversed the rankings… ‘Man City 3rd consecutive title’ prospect than Arsenal

 A supercomputer predicted Manchester City’s third consecutive victory rather than Arsenal’s first win in 19 years. 

The British media mirror reported on the 4th (Korean time) 메이저사이트 that the predicted winner of the Premier League in the 2022/23 season predicted by its supercomputer is Manchester City, not the current leader. 

The media said, “Man City, who won the title last season by one point over Liverpool, recruited a striker with tremendous firepower called Elling Haalan this season. He is already exploding 25 goals in 20 games.” “Arsenal is one game less than Manchester City It is a 5-point lead in the situation. Even with Arsenal’s advantage, our supercomputer predicted Manchester City to win.” 

“Based on the results so far, after running the remaining league schedule 500 times, Manchester City has a 33% chance of winning, and Arsenal’s chance of winning is 27%, second.” 

Arsenal are trying to win the title for the first time in 19 years with the best season since the 2003/04 season when they won undefeated. The overall air defense balance is excellent and they are cruising with only 1 loss this season. 

Manchester City have been rocked this season by defeats to Liverpool, Brentford and Manchester United. Here, it is not able to chase Arsenal by showing ups and downs in important games or unexpected games, such as Everton and a draw in the relegation zone. 

However, the fact that the two teams have not yet met in the Premier League this season seems to support the supercomputer’s prediction of Manchester City winning.

The two teams will play their first Premier League match of the season on the 15th at 4:30 am at the Emirates Stadium. Then, on April 26, we will have a return match at Manchester City home.

The odds of Arsenal and Manchester City finishing in the top four were quite high at 73% and 82% respectively.

Newcastle, currently in third place, has a 25% chance of finishing in the top four, followed by Manchester United in fourth with a 41% chance and Tottenham in fifth with a 22% chance. 

The team with a better chance of finishing in the top four than them was none other than Liverpool. Liverpool, now ninth, had a whopping 67% chance of finishing in the top four. 7th place Brighton also had a high probability of finishing in the top 4 at 31%.

According to the odds, the expected top four are Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea, which is undergoing a major overhaul by spending 329 million euros (approximately 444.3 billion won) in the winter transfer market alone, had only a 21% chance of finishing in the top four. 

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