Still 75%↑’ Rolen-Helton, Hall of Fame induction has come

Will Scott Rolen, who boasted the best third base defense ever, and Todd Helton, who showed the best batting ability, be inducted into the Hall of Fame? It is still exceeding the standard.

According to the interim announcement of the Major League Hall of Fame voting results, a total of 40.2% of the voting results were released by the 16th (hereinafter Korean time).

Among them, only two candidates have exceeded the 75% admission threshold. Rolen and Helton. They are recording 79.9% and 79.2% respectively.

Rolen and Helton are given 6th and 5th chances respectively. They recorded 63.2% and 52% of the votes, respectively, last year. Little by little, we are heading towards the Hall of Fame.

Next is Billy Wagner in the 8th Chance with 72.3% and Andrew Jones in the 6th Chance with 68.6%. Another 9th chance’s Gary Sheffield is 64.2%. 메이저사이트

Among first-chance players, Carlos Beltran ranks highest with 56%. This can be interpreted as a very high possibility of entering the Hall of Fame in the future.

On the other hand, less than 5%, which means deprivation of the right to vote, included Tori Hunter, Jared Weaver, Houston Street, Mike Napoli, and RA Dickey.

Rolen, who currently has the highest vote rate, is a third baseman who has served in the major leagues for 17 years. He showed very good defense and top-notch offense. He won the 1997 National League Rookie of the Year first.

Following this, Rolen was selected as an All-Star seven times and received the Gold Glove eight times for third baseman. He also won the Silver Slugger in 2002 when he won.

In 2038 games for 17 years, he recorded a batting average of 0.281, 316 homers, 1287 RBIs, 1211 runs, 2077 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.364 OPS of 0.855.

In addition, Helton recorded a batting average of 0.316, 369 homers, 1406 RBIs, 1401 runs, 2519 hits, and an on-base percentage of 0.414 OPS for 17 years in the major leagues.

He was selected as an All-Star five times in his personal career, and won the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger three and four times respectively at first base.

Induction into the Hall of Fame is possible if the ballot exceeds 75% of the vote. Candidates are excluded if they do not gain more than 5% approval rating or if 10 years have passed since they were nominated.

The final admission results for the 2023 Hall of Fame will be announced on January 25th. In addition, interim results will continue until the announcement of the final results.

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