Siwoo Kim, Players Championship 1R 12th… First win in 6 years

Kim Si-woo (28) started to win the PGA Tour Players Championship after six years.

In the first round of the tournament held at TPC Sawgrass in Pontevedra Beach, Florida, USA on the 10th (Korean time), Kim Si-woo tied 7 birdies and 4 bogeys to record 3 under par 69 strokes. He is tied for 12th place, 5 strokes behind the sole leader, Chad Raimi.

Siwoo Kim became the youngest player to win the 2017 Players Championship. This is his first championship challenge in six years.

Kim Si-woo, who started the game on the 10th hole (par 4), caught his first birdie on the par 5 11th hole. He then cruised by reducing one stroke each on the 14th hole (par 4) and the 17th hole (par 3).

However, he could not reduce the number of strokes on the remaining holes. With 4 bogeys and 4 birdies in a row, the game ended at 3 under par. 온라인카지노

Overall, the feeling of the shot was good, and the game was played well overall. In the second half, as the wind blew, I started to shake while bogeying continuously.

Kim Si-woo said, “I liked the birdie on the 8th hole (par 3). The situation was bad while making continuous bogeys at the end, but the atmosphere changed as long putts entered, and a birdie came out on the last 9th hole (par 5).” So in the beginning, it felt a little easier than usual. Because he was good at shooting, he was able to play stably even when the wind blew,” he said overall.

Meanwhile, Kim Si-woo went through a practice round with his wife Oh Ji-hyun the day before. Oh Ji-hyun, who used to play on the KLPGA tour, has recently been helping Kim Si-woo in his professional life.

Kim Si-woo said, “Yesterday, my wife didn’t have a golf club, and it was a long time since she hadn’t practiced. He also said that he doesn’t hit the ball because he has a lot of people around him, but since I’m a memory he said to try it once. So he hit, and it was a good experience. It became a fun memory,” he said.

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