‘Shock’ Former Iranian football player, threatened by hanging for anti-government protests… “I was framed for murder”

 The terrible news is that the Iranian government plans to execute Amir Nasr-Ajadani (26), a former soccer player. The reason is that he supported the anti-government protests.

The International Football Players Association (FIFPRO) said on its official social media account on the 13th (Korean time) that “professional footballer Amir Nasr-Ajadani faces the death penalty after campaigning for women’s rights and fundamental freedoms in Iran.” said.

FIFPRO added, “We are shocked and disgusted by this news. We stand in solidarity with him and demand that his punishment be lifted immediately.” 스포츠토토

According to Iran Wire, the Iranian government plans to hang Nasr-Ajadani on charges of “moharbeh.” Moharbeh is an Islamic term that means ‘a crime that causes war against society’ and refers to a serious crime that threatens universal norms and social order.

Nasr-Ajadani was reportedly charged with the murder of Colonel Esmail Cheragi. The media said, “Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) reported that on November 17, Colonel Cheragi was killed during nationwide protests. And three days later, state broadcaster IRIB released a video containing the forced confessions of three people accused of Cheragi’s murder. “The IRIB did not name the accused, but the identities of three people, including Nasr-Ajadani, were released on social media,” it said.

The media continued, “It is true that Nasr-Ajadani participated in the protests according to sources, but he did not participate in the protests in the area where Cheragi died. Moreover, he only participated in the protests for a short period of time and only chanted slogans for several hours. He “His family was threatened by security forces not to publicize the news of his arrest. If the family speaks out or brings up the story of Nasr-Ajdani Azadani to the foreign press, he will be sentenced to death,” he said. The sentence will be finalized,” he added.

Protests are currently taking place across the country. In mid-September, a woman in her 20s, Mahsa Amini, was taken away by the police for not wearing her hijab properly and subsequently died a mysterious death. Anti-government protests continued for nearly three months, killing hundreds and detaining more than 20,000.

Iran has already executed two people in connection with anti-government protests. On the 8th, a 23-year-old boy named Mohsen Shekari was hanged, and on the 12th, wrestler Majid Reza Ranabad was publicly executed.

The news of Nasr-Ajadani’s execution raised many voices in the football world against it. Ali Karimi, Mehdi Madavikia, Masoud Shojaei and Reza Norouji took to social media to call for the repeal of the execution and support for Nasr-Ajadani. Among the Qatar World Cup players, goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand reportedly demanded that the execution be revoked without naming. 

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