Shinhan Bank, which entered off-season training, why wait for June?

Shinhan Bank will move from the Incheon training center to the Giheung training center in June.

Shinhan Bank raised many concerns before the start of last season when Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F), who was the pillar of the team, left the team. Sonia Kim (178cm, F), Jinyoung Kim (177cm, F), and Guseul (180cm, F) were recruited, but they were expected to be in the lower ranks.

As the season started, Shinhan Bank displayed fast and strong basketball based on the energy of the players. At the beginning of the season, there was an appearance that hands and feet did not match, but as time passed, Shinhan Bank’s basketball perfection improved. As a result, they finished the regular season in 4th place with a record of 16 wins and 14 losses.

Afterwards, in the playoffs, they met Asan Woori Bank and lost 2 matches. However, Shinhan Bank’s colors were fully displayed and the beauty of the end was achieved.

The Shinhan Bank team, which had enough vacation time after the end of the season, started off-season training from the 8th. 

Gunadan Shinhan Bank coach said in a phone call with this magazine, “Last season, the players suffered so much. So I took a long vacation. As he has rested, now he has to focus on training again,” he said, announcing the start of off-season training.

He continued, “It hasn’t been long since I started practicing. Now, we are checking the physical condition of the players who came in. For now, I focus on physical and conditioning training. You have to start over again from the basics. There are no particularly sick players. However, Guseul and (Kim) Taeyeon are more focused on their physical condition,” he said about team training.

Continuing, “There are players on our team who have been selected for the national team. The players are training harder. (Lee) Kyeong-eun and (Kim) Jin-young are concentrating on improving their stamina. I hope to go to the national team in a healthy state and perform well.”

This off-season Shinhan Bank faced a big change. It’s because I left the Incheon training center I was fond of and went to the Giheung training center. The Shinhan Bank team plans to move to Giheung in June.

Upon mentioning this, coach Koo said, “I am really grateful that the club built it well. But I don’t think you should expect too much. Because if you have high expectations, you may be disappointed. (Laughter) But what I saw was really good,” he said about the Giheung Training Center.메이저놀이터

“But I am too busy with it right now. There is a lot to move. (Laughter) It’s hard, but everyone is preparing with joy, including the players. I hope there will be better results as much as I do in a better environment.”

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