Shin Min-joon, Crown Haitai Cup first win

2022 Crown Haitai Cup 3rd round 235 moves against Shin Min-jun and Park Gun-ho, the first country

in the finals It is surprising that Shin Min-joon’s 9-dan Crown Haitai Cup final is the first.

Crown Haitai Bae is an arena of competition for knights under the age of 25. This competition is for those born after 1997. Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, ranked No. 1 , has not participated since the 2019 season.

The finals of the best-of-three games to win the first championship were cut off the first tape at the Go TV studio on the afternoon of the 4th. Shin Min-joon 안전놀이터, 9th Dan, who is one year younger in age, showed a great lead in his professional career.

The early lead was maintained without wavering. Unsuccessful succession of 235 counts. Contrary to the trend of the odds graph, Shin Min-joon of The Kingdom was humble. He said, “It was always difficult, but I think I got lucky in the match. I will prepare equally well.”

The second match of the final will be held on the 5th. If Shin Min-joon 9-dan wins in a row, it will be his 7th championship since joining in 2012. If Park Gun-ho’s 6th dan counterattacks, it will be extended to the final 3 stations on the afternoon of the 8th. Park Kun-ho, who joined in 2015, has yet to win a championship.

Since its establishment in 2017, the sixth season, the prize money for this competition is 30 million won for the championship and 12 million won for the runner-up. So far, Park Jeong-hwan, Park Ha-min, Song Ji-hoon, Lee Chang-seok, and Byeon Sang-il have won the championship in order.

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