“See, I told you I’d get my money’s worth, right?” Chungam Lee Young-bok still misses ‘Rookie No. 1’ Yoon Young-chul

“Young-cheol Yoon is the best left-handed pitcher in Chung-Am history at the high school level. We’ve had a lot of players, but I’ve never seen a better left-handed pitcher than Young-cheol, and it’s not easy to find one in the future.”

These are the words of the original Chungam coach Lee Young-bok, who has been at Chungam High for over 20 years.

In fact, Chungam went on a winning streak shortly after Yoon’s arrival. The team won two national championships and two runner-up finishes. In particular, winning back-to-back Cheongryonggi and Presidential Games in 2021 has never happened in the history of the program.

The last two years have been an era for Chungam, and as a result, Lee was selected to lead the 2023 Youth National Team.

When Yoon Young-chul was drafted by KIA with the No. 2 overall pick in 2022, Lee barked at KIA officials during contract negotiations.

“If Kim Seo-hyun got 500 million won, I want you to give me 400 million won. Young-chul will definitely be worth the money. I guarantee it,” he claimed. Of course, the director’s efforts didn’t pay off. Yoon Young-cheol, who wasn’t greedy for money, signed for a paltry 320 million won.

Four months later. Lee’s words became a reality. As a rookie, Yoon has now pitched 68.1 innings with only 24 walks and 39 strikeouts. His ERA is 4.08. However, Yoon’s true value lies in being a rookie and a full-time starter. It’s really hard for a rookie to break into the starting rotation right out of the gate.

First of all, it’s physically demanding. It’s not like high school where you don’t throw once a week. Throwing the ball every day, every five days is hard, and the level of hitters is high. It’s a lot of analyzing, and yet Yoon hasn’t wavered in his starting spot.

“He’s been doing so well,” said Kia coach Kim Jong-kook. He’s doing so well that he’s now a calculated starter,” he said. It is likely that he will keep his starting spot until the end of the season.

Of course, at this point, Moon Dong-joo is the number 0 rookie of the year. Many fans even have “Moon Dong-ja” written all over them.

Moon has a 3.47 ERA in 83.1 innings pitched this season. There’s also the symbolic significance of being the KBO’s first 160-kilometer pitcher. He’s one of the young icons of the KBO, so he has an absolute advantage.

However, Yoon’s chances aren’t completely out of the question. There’s Park Myung-geun and Choi Ji-min, but they have the advantage of being full-time starters rather than relievers. He also has the added bonus of being a pure rookie. Also, if Yoon’s performance helps KIA advance beyond the fall baseball season and into the top four or better, he could get some extra points. And if Yoon outperforms Moon Dong-joo in the second half of the season, the KIA Tigers should be fine in the top four.

In other words, if you’re looking for an alternative to Moon Dong-joo, the “King of 1,000,” Yoon Young-chul is the best bet at this point.

ChungamGo has been struggling lately. It’s still a bit disappointing compared to last year with Yoon Young-cheol. In yesterday’s broadcast, they lost to Choi Kang-baek. When Yoon was on the roster, ChungamGo pushed Choi Kangyoo to the brink and won the match.온라인카지노

“See? I said I’m worth the money, right? You were much better than the mercenary (Medina). Young-chul has already paid for his contract.”

Lee Young-bok, who rose to stardom with the strongest baseball team in the world, spoke with a gravelly voice.

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