Right field over catcher…Pittsburgh’s plan to utilize prospects

What do you do with a valuable prospect?

The Pittsburgh Pirates recalled catcher/outfielder Henry Davis, 24, from Triple-A Indianapolis on Tuesday ahead of a home game against the Chicago Cubs.

The former No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 draft has played 79 games at catcher and 15 games in right field. While his primary position is catcher, he has begun to play some right field defense as his developmental years overlap with fellow catching prospect Endy Rodriguez.

Pittsburgh has called up prospect Henry Davis. Photo via AFPBBNews = News1
In the big leagues, he’ll play right field more than catcher. In bringing him up, Pittsburgh sent non-catcher Mark Matthias down to Triple-A. He is expected to start in right field for the seventh straight game.

Manager Derek Shelton said, “He’s going to play right field, and he’s going to play some designated hitter depending on how other hitters are doing. He’s going to be working on his catching at the same time,” said manager Derek Shelton on how he plans to utilize Davis. “I’m not going to say he’s not going to play catcher in games,” he said, but he made it clear that his primary position will be in right field.토토사이트

General manager Ben Cherington has previously stated that the goal is to develop him as a catcher in the long term. The manager’s plan doesn’t fit with the organization’s long-term vision.

“I’m going to spend time learning about pitchers, I’m going to be in catchers’ meetings,” Shelton said, adding that his development as a catcher will not be neglected. The presence of the team’s two current catchers, Austin Hedges and Jason Delay, “are top ten in the league in terms of their ability to get to the ball,” he said, adding that their presence will help the prospect develop.

As for Davis’ defense in right field, “He’s a very athletic player. He made some good defensive plays in Triple-A. Obviously, there will be growing pains. It happens to every outfielder that comes up to the big leagues. You can’t predict that. But if you look at Zack Suwinski or Bae Ji-Hwan, they’ve shown that they can grow as outfielders in the big leagues.”

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh announced its lineup for the day: Andrew McCutchen (designated hitter), Brian Reynolds (center field), Conor Jo (left field), Carlos Santana (first base), Brian Hays (third base), Rodolfo Castro (second base), Henry Davis (right field), Manny Machado (shortstop), and Austin Hedges (catcher). Eight batters will hit right-handed against left-hander Drew Smyly. Rookie Osvaldo Vidor will get the start.

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