Rice leaves West Ham 100%… “signal of massive decline”

The possibility of West Ham United’s Declan Rice leaving is increasing.

The British ‘Football Insider’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “Rice is 100% leaving West Ham. It is almost certain that Rice will leave West Ham, and it will be a sign of a massive withdrawal from the club.”

Rice is West Ham’s key midfielder. He directs the overall flow of the game, taking on the role of playmaker in the defensive midfield position. Due to this performance, Rice is even captain of the team despite his young age, born in 1999. Rice, who debuted in his A match in 2019 to the extent that he is also key in the England national team, has already scored 2 goals in 38 matches. 메이저놀이터

As much as he is an outstanding player, his popularity is also considerable. It is safe to say that all the big clubs want Rice. Currently, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea of ​​the English Premier League (EPL) are most interested.

I have no intention of letting West Ham go easy. In the transfer window last summer, manager David Moyes called for at least £150m (approximately 227.5 billion won) for Rice.

However, news is that they can no longer hold Rice as West Ham are performing very poorly in the league this season. England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Coach Moyes will fight a big fight to keep Rice even after this summer’s transfer window,” but at the point of the middle of the current league, only 15 points (4 wins, 3 points) 11 draws) and is in 17th place.

John Wenham of ‘Football Insider’ predicted the future of Rice and West Ham. “Mark Noble gave him a clear identity at West Ham. He was a supporter on the pitch and I see the same in Rice. West Ham have had Noble for over 10 years. But losing the 23-year-old Rice would be very disheartening,” he said. “It’s a sign of a huge decline at the club.”

He also claimed there was no way to keep Rice. “I think he will 100 per cent leave West Ham. In the winter it’s unlikely, but in the summer it’s 100 per cent.”

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