‘Resignation or renewal’… Chairman Chung Mong-kyu’s last choice? The future of Korean football follows 

 What is the final choice of Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association (KFA)?

Chairman Chung, who suffered from measles due to the controversy over the surprise pardon for match-manipulators, took responsibility for the board of directors, including some high-ranking executives who led the amnesty, and took out the resignation card, but was put in a ‘restless seat’.

The surprise amnesty and withdrawal, which is called the biggest futility in KFA history, is still a ‘hot potato’ to the extent that there is talk of a government investigation. Criticism aimed at Chairman Chung, who is in charge of the final handling of the situation, continues.

As a result of this paper’s coverage, Chairman Chung is collecting public opinion on his move through KFA as well as key working-level officials of Hyundai Industrial Development, which he operates. A high-ranking KFA official said, “I know that the president is struggling with the situation as the situation is deteriorating so much. said.

◇Fiddle with the resignation card without a reform plan? Concerns about another ‘irresponsible criticism’

Chairman Chung began to draw a detailed sketch of his resignation as strong pressure came from not only the football world but also the political world, despite his decision to ‘resign all board members’. As the resignation of the directors may cause some work vacancy, it is known that a plan to step down after participating only in personnel responsible for major pending issues is also being considered.

However, his departure from KFA is not the best answer to sort out a series of incidents and essential problems. If you are a leader, you must actively deal with the situation and come up with future-oriented reform plans. Chairman Chung is also aware of this. It is highly likely that he will face another criticism of ‘irresponsible’ after pulling out his resignation card.

First of all, the concern within KFA is related to coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who has been appointed as the new head coach of the A national team. Due to the structure of Korean soccer, if the national team is shaken, the whole is shaken. If Chairman Chung, who was at the forefront in helping Klinsman take the lead in Korea, steps down as head coach, it will inevitably affect Klinsman Ho immediately.

A KFA official said, “In reality, various confusions will be inevitable, starting with the issue of coaching staff support. The A national team preparing for the finals of the Asian Cup, which is about eight months away, will not be confused,” he said. In addition, it is not easy to quickly find a leader to deal with pending issues such as sponsorship related to Chairman Chung smoothly. Considering this reality, it is known that Chairman Chung will reject the resignation of Michael Müller, chairman of the Power Enhancement Committee, who is included in the board of directors.

◇High-ranking executives shouting ‘NO’ from the inside of KFA + Hope for an organization that opens their ears

When Chairman Chung closed his resignation card and focused on handling the situation, what should be prioritized is an active personnel reorganization with a will for reform. We need to think about the two-top system of the executive director and the secretary general, who are in charge of practical affairs. The executive director and general secretary must take responsibility for the association’s household and play a constructive role of check.

However, in the 3rd period of Jeong Mong-gyu, all of them were criticized for not being able to escape the ‘yes man’. We need to find the right person to connect football, industry trends and public sentiment evenly by expanding it to various fields, not just leaving it to famous athletes or administrators who put the name value first. At least you should know how to say ‘No’ to Chairman Chung.

If narrowed down to working-level departments, there are voices from within KFA that the public relations and marketing departments should be separated again. In the 3rd Mong-gyu Jeong system, there was no separate PR team. It is no different from destroying the communication window. This comedy-like amnesty was no different from the end of the ‘deafening organization’. 메이저놀이터

KFA has been sticking to the ‘no response strategy’ to major criticisms for a long period of time, knowing that it is receiving a lot of attention from the media and fans compared to other sports. This amnesty situation has also been promoted behind the scenes for a month before the board of directors, but only listened to the voices of some soccer players and the forces behind them demanding an amnesty.

If we had directly or indirectly encountered the voices of the world in advance through a professional public relations manager and a working-level department, there was room for adjustment. As a result, the KFA’s ‘non-response strategy’ became the decisive factor in facing the worst situation and losing public sentiment.

A KFA official said, “We agree that the long-term absence of the public relations team is the root cause of this series of incidents. A bigger problem is that as this situation continues, the number of people to trust and entrust to the head of the public relations team has greatly decreased.”

There are also voices from various parts of the football world that Chairman Chung should organize the current situation and reform the KFA by forming a consultative body with experts from various fields. The same goes for sincerely apologizing to fans who have been hurt once again and presenting a blueprint for the remainder of the term.

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