‘Rebuilding’ Chicago Cubs invests 377.6 billion won in free agent contracts 

 The Chicago Cubs solved the ‘goat’s curse’ that lasted for 106 years in 2016 and reclaimed the top of the World Series. At that time, it took only 6 years for the winning member of the WS to disband.

After the 2022 season, catcher Wilson Contreras (30), who kept without trading until the end, was completely dismantled as he transferred to a free agent. All-Star catcher Contreras signed a five-year, $87.5 million contract with the rival St. Louis Cardinals.

When winning manager Joe Madden moved to the Los Angeles Angels after the 2019 season, the Cubs appointed catcher David Ross (45), who was the team leader at the time of the 2016 championship, as the new command tower. After his retirement, Ross worked as an ESPN commentator and took the helm with no managerial or coaching experience. The club appreciated Ross’ outstanding leadership.

In his first year as manager, he went 34-26 and made the postseason. The season was short due to the corona virus, and until this time, the WS lead role was still held. After the 2022 season, first baseman Anthony Ridzo (New York Yankees), third baseman Chris Bryant (Colorado Rockies), and shortstop Javier Baez (Detroit Tigers) left the team through trade and free agency. As the Cubs began to sink, they went into rebuilding mode.

With 71 wins and 91 losses in 2021 and 74 wins and 88 losses in 2022, he experienced fall baseball frustration for two consecutive years. The weakening of pitching power was noticeable. The most innings pitched for the 2022 season is Marcus Stroman with an average ERA of 3.50 with 6 wins and 7 losses and 138.1 innings. In offense, third baseman Patrick Wisdom showed potential with 25 home runs (leading the team) and 66 RBIs, although his batting average was low at 0.207. The center of the Cubs offense is outfielder Ian Happ. Last year, he had a batting average of 0.271, 17 homers and 72 RBIs.

The Cubs, which were in rebuilding mode for two years, greatly upgraded their power with a large free agent contract in the offseason. On the 15th, first baseman Trey Mancini (30) agreed to a two-year, $14 million contract, and the first base was also reinforced. The main character of human victory who returned to the baseball world after overcoming colon cancer in 2020. During last year’s season, he was traded from the Baltimore Orioles to the Houston Astros and acquired a World Series ring. The Cubs invested a total of $304.8 million (377.6 billion won) in eight free agents in the offseason. 카지노사이트

It is a reinforcement of power toward winning the National League Central District championship. However, experts still predict that last season’s champion St. Louis and Milwaukee Brewers will outperform the Cubs. NL Central is considered to be somewhat weak compared to other districts. Cardinals, Brewers, and Cubs are three teams that can secure postseason tickets.

The Cubs recruited free agents in all directions, including starting, bullpen, and offense. The core of his power is shortstop Dansby Swanson (28). He signed a 7-year, $177 million contract. It is the highest in Cubs history. It is smaller than Philadelphia Phillies’ Trey Turner (11 years, $300 million), San Diego Padres’ Xander Bogatz (11 years, $280 million), and Minnesota Twins’ Carlos Correa (6 years, $200 million). However, experts are predicting that they can surpass Turner, Bogatz, and Corea in team contribution with 160 games in 2021 and 162 games in 2022 (above the most in MLB).

Even as a starter, he brought former New York Yankees Jemison Tyone for four years and $68 million. Lefty Drew Smiley signed a two-year, $19 million extension, and the bullpen also signed former Milwaukee Brewers Brad Boksberger to a one-year contract. The biggest ambush in the free agent contract this offseason is outfielder Cody Bellinger (27). Bellinger, who won Rookie of the Year and MVP, was released as a non-dender by the Los Angeles Dodgers due to sluggish performance over the past two years. The Cubs signed for $17.5 million a year. If they get back to form where they hit 47 home runs in 2019, the Cubs will be a force to beat even the Cardinals and Brewers.

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