Pyeongtaek City yacht team ‘Pyeongtaek Angels’ wins the Busan Super Cup International Yacht Competition

 Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek City Hall announced that the Pyeongtaek City Workplace Sports Department yacht team ‘Pyeongtaek Angels’ won the gold medal at the 2023 Busan Super Cup International Yachting Competition, which was closed on the 30th of last month.

This competition was held from the 27th to the 30th of last month at Suyeong Bay International Yachting Center in Busan Metropolitan City, where 13 teams participated in the cruise yacht OCR 1 class. teamed up After unfortunately placing 2nd in the 1st game, I enjoyed the joy of winning the overall 1st place with an overwhelming result of taking 1st place in all 2nd to 5th games. 토토사이트

Coach Kim Tae-jung said, “I am happy that the players’ sweat during the Thailand-Spain field training last winter finally paid off in this competition, and I am proud of the players who endured the hard training to the end.” I hope it will,” he said.

Pyeongtaek Mayor Jang Jeong-seon gave words of encouragement, saying, “I hope you will move forward like a yacht riding the sea breeze and give hope to the citizens of Pyeongtaek.”

Meanwhile, the Pyeongtaek City Hall Yacht Team is the only yacht team in Gyeonggi-do, consisting of 1 manager and 7 players, and currently 6 members are active as national team members.

Through yacht classes every summer, Pyeongtaek citizens are provided with opportunities for beneficial and enjoyable experiences, such as yachting, rubber boat riding, and CPR training.

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