Purple Dog launches KLPGA golf team…signing nine players, including Kim Bo-bae and Lee Hye-jung

Wine subscription service Purple Dog has launched a women’s professional golf team.메이저놀이터

Purple Dog will sponsor nine players who are playing on the KLPGA Dream Tour this year: Kang Ria Kim, Da Eun Kim, Bo Bae Kim, Won Kyung Noh, Ah Myung Park, Ji-yeon Shim, Hye Rim Yoon, Hye Jung Lee, and Jung Soo Bin.

Founding member Kim Bo-bae finished fourth at the 2018 SK networks Seoul Economic Open, while Lee Hye-jung finished fourth at the 2015 Chojung Carbonated Water Yongpyong Resort Open. Kim Da-eun and Park Ah-rim, both former members of the Korean National Team, are long hitters with drives that reach 290 yards.

Park Jae-jung, the founder of the Purple Dog Golf Team, said, “I am very happy to create a golf team composed of the world’s strongest domestic female professional golfers. I hope that our sponsored players will grow and develop together with Purple Dog, just like Purple Dog, a leading wine service company.”

“Golf and wine have a lot of overlap in marketing direction and targeting. To expand the scope of Purple Dog’s services, we will focus on premium golf marketing through the KPGA and KLPGA regular tours, which are recognized on the world stage. In the future, we hope to expand our services to include travel and healthcare to provide our customers with a luxury lifestyle at a reasonable cost.”

Earlier this year, Purple Dog signed sub-sponsorship deals with regular tour players Ahn So-hyun, Im Jin-hee, Nae Hee-won, Kim Woo-jung, and Kim Hee-ji. The company also launched an Ahn branded wine subscription service for wine lovers.

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