Professional wrestler and fight commentator Kim Nam-hoon, boxing debut

Kim Nam-hoon (49), who is well known for his career as a current professional wrestling champion and UFC/WWE commentator, is taking on a new challenge.

Kim Nam-hoon will participate in the OYF (Only Your Fist) boxing competition held at BOX-1 Boxing Special Ring in Ilsan at 9:00 pm on the 27th.

OYF is a boxing competition founded by coach Kim Hyung-gyun, a KPW champion who was the first mixed martial arts event in Korea, after turning to boxing. 메이저놀이터

OYF is a competition that aims for premium life sports boxing with free clothing and aggressive progress while protecting players by wearing headgear.

Kim Nam-Hoon’s opponent was Nam Sung-Woo Nam, nicknamed Venom, who won the MVP of the last tournament. It is evaluated that he has a long reach, a fast one-two punch, and a flashy staff at a height of 186 cm.

Kim Nam-hoon said, “I have always been interested in boxing and started formal training in the middle of last year.

Coach Kim Hyeong-gyun said, “Nam Sung-woo uses the ring widely and has fast speed, and Kim Nam-hoon has a short boxing career, but his natural strength and power are excellent.” He said, “It will be a very hot match.” The match will be broadcast live on the Box-1 YouTube channel.

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