Pro soccer Gangwon FC, new season captain Lim Chang-woo and vice-captain Seo Min-woo drop

 Pro soccer Gangwon FC announced on the 7th that they had chosen Lim Chang-woo and Seo Min-woo as captain and vice-captain, respectively.

The Gangwon club said, “Last season, vice-captain Lim Chang-woo contributed to the team by setting an example on and off the field메이저놀이터. As captain this year, he is expected to show more advanced leadership.”

He added, “Seo Min-woo, who is called the ‘Philosopher of the Ground’ in the team, is also a player who sets an example for his teammates.”

Lim Chang-woo said, “I will work hard for the players and fans both inside and outside the stadium with a sense of responsibility. I will try to achieve the best results for the club this year.”

Seo Min-woo also said, “It’s a new feeling to become the vice-captain in the fourth year of joining the team. I will try to make a healthy team by taking good care of the voice that could not reach the captain.”

Gangwon continues to quench for the new season by conducting secondary battery training at the Busan captain from the 1st.

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