‘Post Big Boy’ Han Dong-hee’s promise “I will play the best role in making fans’ expectations come true”

Quietly and faithfully sharpening the knife. ‘Post Big Boy’ Han Dong-hee (24, Lotte) had a determination in his heart to completely erase Lee Dae-ho’s void.

Han Dong-hee, who is digesting spring camp at Dededo Sports Complex in Guam, USA, diligently runs around the ground with her slim body온라인카지노. He is training diligently, taking the lead in training in the weight training room. Since he came to Guam in mid-January and started his individual training, Han Dong-hee is preparing for the season on the 40th day.

Han Dong-hee, who met with a tanned appearance, said, “I had good grades in April of last year, but I couldn’t keep it to the end. With great regret, he came to Guam early this year to tell senior (Jeong) Hoon. He needed a warm place to build up quickly,” he said.

In fact, in April of last year, Han Dong-hee was the best hitter in the KBO League. He added 7 home runs and 22 RBIs for the month and flew with a batting average of 0.427. Expectations were high that his potential would explode 5 years after his debut. However, his performance declined from May, and although he rebounded in July, he did not show the same impact as at the beginning of the season.

Han Dong-hee said, “His performance at the beginning of the season was so good that I became greedy to continue. He turned to overwork and got injured.” He started spring camp early in previous years, but the reason he made up his mind more strongly this year is because he regrets it. Han Dong-hee said, “I built his body quickly so as not to make the same mistake. I went back to my weight when I was good last year and I am in good condition,” she expressed confidence.

Lotte started to change its color by recruiting not only players such as free agents (FA) but also a large number of coaches. Han Dong-hee, who Lee Dae-ho designated as his successor after retiring, is also a player whom the new coaching staff shows great affection. Head coach Park Heung-sik also set a specific goal, saying, “Han Dong-hee is a hitter who can hit more than 30 home runs.” Han Dong-hee laughed, saying, “I don’t tend to set numerical goals, but the head coach set a goal of 33 home runs or more, so I thought I should achieve it.”

He is concentrating on increasing his distance by changing his hitting method. He is correcting his swing with a so-called ‘float’, and he confidently says, “It’s going well.” It is not as easy as it sounds for him to launch a flying ball. Han Dong-hee said, “First of all, the hitting must be done at my point with the timing right. He explained that he had to swing with the feeling of pressing the lower part of the ball with a bat to create a trajectory.” He began to open his eyes to the hit that increased the distance by spinning the batted ball.

He is proud of the modifier ‘Lee Dae-ho’s successor’. Rather than surpassing ‘national third baseman’ Choi Jeong (SSG), he had an aspiration to surpass Lee Dae-ho, ‘Joseon’s fourth hitter’. “If the team performs well, my performance will also be good. He can’t help but think of the team before the individual,” he said. “I know that fan expectations are high. This year, we plan to do our best to make our expectations a reality. I will take on the best role.”

If you solidify your position as the Lotte 4th hitter, the Taegeuk mark is not a dream. He said, “The Taegeuk mark is an infinite honor,” but “I think it’s right to erase the Taegeuk mark from your head and start the season. Team performance comes first,” he repeatedly emphasized. He is not neglecting not only batting but also defensive training. This year, he is likely to play 1st and 3rd base at the same time, so he spends more time on defense than in previous years. He said, “It is a plus factor for me to be able to digest both first and third base. Both are working hard,” he said.Confidence overflowed in every word and expression. Han Dong-hee, who grew up as a 3-half hitter for the first time in his debut, started to break another wall.

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