“Possibility of leaving the league”… Man City in crisis, what’s going on?

Manchester City in the Premier League are facing severe disciplinary action for violating financial rules. In the worst case, you may be kicked out of the league.

This is Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.

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Premier League Secretariat announced that it had referred Manchester City to an independent committee for violating more than 100 rules, including ‘Financial Fair Play’, for 10 years from 2009.

Financial fair play is a rule that promotes fair competition by limiting clubs from spending excessively against their income to메이저놀이터 recruit players.

If the charges are confirmed, a point reduction penalty can be issued, like Juventus in Italy recently, and in the worst case, it is possible to leave the league.

Man City, which was acquired by the Abu Dhabi Group in 2008, has spent an astronomical amount of 3.2 trillion won on player recruitment alone.

Thanks to this, he won the league championship six times, but there was constant suspicion that he used expedient methods, such as reporting inflated income to avoid rule violations.

When Man City was banned from participating in two seasons of club competition and fined 40.5 billion won by the European Federation three years ago, it appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and CAS and only paid a fine of 13.5 billion won because the charge was not established or the statute of limitations had expired. and CAS appeals are not possible.

As Manchester City claim their innocence, Guardiola’s interview from last year is making headlines again.

[Guardiola/Man City manager (interview last year): I believe in the Manchester City club. If it is confirmed that the club lied to me, I will leave the next day.]

However, it seems that it will take a considerable amount of time for a final decision to be made, so it is unlikely that a penalty such as a reduction in points will be issued this season right away.

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