“Possesses ball handling skills + outside skills” KT recruits ‘Philippines national team’ Ildefonso

 Suwon KT has recruited Sean Dave Ildefonso, the Philippine national team.

On the 8th, the KT club announced that it had completed a player contract for the 2022-2023 season with Ildefonso, the Philippine national team, an Asian quarter player.

Ildefonso, a promising player who was consistently selected for the Philippine national team by age group and who was the main scorer at Ateneo University, a prestigious basketball school in the Philippines, is a shooting guard with various offensive options such as 3 points, mid-range, and bottom finish.

Based on his solid physical condition, such as his height of 192 cm and weight of 85 kg, his rebounding and defensive abilities are also evaluated as good. 메이저놀이터

He is the second son of Filipino basketball legend Denny Il Defonso, and is also nicknamed ‘Philippine Heo Hoon’.

The KT club said, “Ildefonso is a player who can create various offensive options because he has not only a role as a shooter, but also ball handling skills and outside shooting skills. He has many advantages, such as the amount of activity going through every corner of the court and the ability to develop a quick attack after rebounding, so we expect him to perform well.”

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