“Play Futures next week → join the first team at the weekend if it’s okay” I thought it would be difficult to return to the first half…but the 12 billion man is coming back soon.

The return of the 12 billion man is coming.

Samsung Lions center fielder Koo Ja-rook, 30, suffered a muscle strain in his right hamstring against the Hanwha Eagles at Daejeon Hwasung Eagles Park on April 4. While fielding in the bottom of the eighth inning, he stopped to catch a foul hit by Moon Hyun-bin and collapsed.메이저놀이터

At the time, a Samsung representative said, “After a thorough medical examination, we confirmed a muscle injury to Koo’s right hamstring. It is expected to take about six weeks for rehabilitation.” Six weeks for rehabilitation, and even longer for a return.

Before his injury, Koo was batting .295 with 54 hits, three home runs, 27 RBIs and 28 runs scored in 49 games. After suffering the worst slump of his career last season, he prepared for this season with more determination than ever. The results weren’t bad.

But then Guzauk went down and Samsung crashed. They went 2-10 in 12 games, including four straight losing series. They’ve slipped further and further down the standings and are now in last place.

As Samsung’s franchise star, Koo couldn’t bear to see the team go through such a difficult time, and he quickly rose to the occasion in the rehabilitation program. The speed of his recovery surprised even Samsung coach Park Jin-man.

“I thought it would be difficult in the first half, but he improved his condition faster than I thought. I think I’ll be able to join the team before the end of the first half. My condition is not as bad as I thought. I’m very motivated myself.”

Guzauk began technical training last weekend. He will also do live batting during his return week. His return is getting closer and closer.

It will be interesting to see if he can come back and add strength to the Samsung batting lineup. Photo by Chun Jeong-hwan
When asked before the game against Busan Lotte on the 27th, manager Park Jin-man said, “He’s been in technical training since last weekend, and he said he’s in good shape. There is no Futures match this weekend. Instead, I plan to do live betting,” he said.

“I plan to play in a Futures game next week. I think I could be in the first team as early as next weekend. In fact, I thought it would be difficult for him to return to the first half, but his will was strong.”

Samsung is scheduled to play a three-game series against the KIA Future Team in Gyeongsan next week from July 4 to 6. If he performs well, he is expected to join the first team roster of the NC Dinosaurs in Changwon from July 7-9.

Koo’s arrival is good news for Samsung. He is a player who can not only strengthen the batting lineup but also play the role of a middle leg. He will give the team a big boost on and off the field.

The return of the KBO League’s Salary King is coming this season.

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