Pittsburgh general manager “I understand only Choi who was sorry for the club that stopped participating in the WBC”

Choi Ji-man (32, Pittsburgh Pirates) expressed disappointment at the club’s decision not to participate in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Some fans of Pittsburgh, where the club’s performance is important, did not understand the disappointment Choi felt and voiced criticism.

However, Pittsburgh general manager Ben Sherington (49) understands Choi’s feelings.

Sherington appeared on the American podcast Audacy today (11th) and said, “Choi Ji-man is proud that he is a Korean. He also has an attachment to the Korean national team. A tournament that many people are interested in (WBC) “I understand how disappointed Choi Ji-man felt,” he said.

When Choi Ji-man failed to join the 2023 WBC Korean national team according to the decision of the WBC Organizing온라인카지노 Committee, “I am very disappointed and frustrated by the decision not to participate.” There was no problem enough to do live betting (training to hit a pitcher like a real game). The disappointment is so great and (heart) hurts.”

Choi Ji-man underwent an elbow bone fragment removal surgery last November.

The Pittsburgh club recently conveyed its intention to oppose participation in the WBC Organizing Committee, citing Choi Ji-man’s surgery history.

In response, the WBC Organizing Committee held an injury review committee and notified the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) of the decision that only Choi could not participate.

Sherington general manager said, “Before we recruited Choi Ji-man as a trade from the Tampa Bay Rays, we knew that Choi needed surgery. The recovery process was also predictable. Choi Ji-man is recovering smoothly, but (As much as I had surgery), I am not spending this offseason normally. As a club, I have no choice but to be concerned about participating in the WBC.”

“It is understandable that Choi Ji-man is disappointed with the club’s decision. Disappointment and understanding can coexist,” he added. “Choi Ji-man understands our club, and we also understand Choi’s disappointment.” It is.

Choi Ji-man will qualify as a free agent (FA) after the end of this season.

Director Sherington said, “The 2023 season is very important to Choi Ji-man. The reason why we decided not to attend the WBC for Choi Ji-man was because we wanted him to achieve the best results this year.” There is no problem,” he stressed.

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