‘PIT 3 months’ Shim Jun-seok’s current situation? “Minor ankle injury, potential rookie league in June”

 It has been confirmed that Pittsburgh pitching prospect Shim Joon-seok (19), who has recently suffered an ankle injury, is not in serious condition.

In an email interview with Star News on the 16th (Korean time), Dan Hart, head of Public Relations for Major League Baseball Pittsburgh, said, “Shim Joon-seok sprained his ankle during training at a minor league extension camp in Bradenton, Florida, USA.” “It’s not enough to do it. I know that with a very minor injury, there will be no problems with resuming sports and pitching soon.”

Shim Joon-seok, who was born at Deoksu High School in Seoul, boasted a strong shoulder from his high school days to the point of throwing heavy fastballs in the late 150km range. Shim Jun-seok, who drew attention from professional clubs at home and abroad, entered the US by signing an international prospect contract with the Pittsburgh club in January with a down payment of 750,000 dollars (approximately 990 million won). At the same time as his joining, he was evaluated as a pitcher with high expectations, ranking 26th in the team’s prospect list. 메이저사이트

Shim Jun-seok’s fastball throwing character based on his excellent physique and strong shoulder drew attention as he was compared to Gerrit Cole (33), who was a Pittsburgh first-rounder and grew up to become the New York Yankees ace.

Pittsburgh’s minor league teams, from Single-A to Triple-A, have already started their season. The extended camp that Shim Jun-seok is participating in is a place where only players assigned to the Rookie League, which will open in June, and players who are recovering from injuries train.

Team Manager Hart said, “It has not yet been decided at which level in the minor leagues Shim Jun-seok will start this season. .

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