Over Arsenal and ‘EPL 3rd consecutive defeat’ Man City, goal is Treble… Rival Manchester United in FA Cup, Champions Final opponent Inter

Manchester City is not satisfied with winning the English Premier League (EPL).

Arsenal and Nottingham Forest faced off before Manchester City and Chelsea match. Nottingham won 1-0 to secure Man City title. Until 2023, Arsenal seemed sure to win unless there was an incident. Even if Man City pursued, the prospect that it would be more unfavorable due to the emergence of physical problems as it had to compete in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) and the England FA Cup was dominant.

Against all expectations, Man City won. Elling Haaland, who scored 36 goals in the league alone, is the number one contributor. Kevin De Bruyne, John Stones, and Bernardo Silva can also be cited. It is already the 9th EPL trophy. Man City, who succeeded in winning the first EPL championship in the 21st century in the 2011-12 season after the owner Sheikh Mansour took over, won the EPL trophy in the 2013-14, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2020-21, 2021-22 season as well as the 2022-23 season. I heard안전놀이터

They have won 4 times in the last 5 seasons. Even in a crisis where Liverpool and Arsenal were in check and almost gave away the trophy, he laughed at the end, revealing the EPL’s strongest side. It has emerged as the best team in England by winning the EPL, the English FA Cup, and the English Football League Cup (EFL) Cup in a row.

Now Manchester City are aiming for the treble. What Man City needs most is the UCL trophy. Depending on whether or not you win the UCL, the team’s reputation will change. Chelsea, which made a massive investment before Man City, also rose to the ranks of the best teams in Europe after winning the UCL.

In the meantime, Manchester City has challenged to win the title several times. I reached the final two seasons ago, but I cried when I lost to Chelsea. Last season, he bowed his head after losing to Real Madrid in the semifinals. Man City, desperately struggling, reached the final this season. Their opponent in the final is Inter Milan, led by coach Simone Inzaghi. Inter Milan is also full of motivation to lift the UCL trophy after 13 years since the 2009-10 season.

If you cross Inter Milan, you will get the first UCL trophy. If you win the FA Cup on top of that, it will be the first treble for an English club since Manchester United trebled under Sir Alex Ferguson in the 1998-99 season. If you win the UCL and even the treble, the gaze that devalues ​​Man City will disappear.

FA Cup opponents are Manchester United. After ending their trophy drought by winning the EFL Cup, United want to finish the season with two trophies. You won’t want to see rivals Man City rejoice with a trophy again. It’s clear that Treble doesn’t want it even more.

There is great interest in whether Man City, which has surpassed Arsenal, will achieve a treble beyond rivals Manchester United and motivated Inter Milan.

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