Opening Ceremony for Special Olympics Korea National Team World Championships

On the 20th, Special Olympics Korea held the ‘2023 Special Olympics Korea National Team World Championship Launch Ceremony’ at the Pilseung Hall Auditorium at Korea National Sport University. The ceremony was held at the same time as all the Korean national teams participating in the ‘2023 Virtus Global Games’ and the ‘2023 Berlin Special Olympics World Summer Games’ gathered in one place.

About 300 people attended the event to encourage the athletes to take on challenges, including Special Olympics Korea President Lee Yong-hun and Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-kyun, Lee Jung-mi, Sports Cooperation Officer of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Na Gyeong-won, Honorary President of Special Olympics Korea, and Yang Choong-yeon, Secretary General of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled. lit up

In the congratulatory video before the ceremony, Shin Tae-yong, chairman of the Soccer Subcommittee of Special Olympics Korea, Yang Sang-geun, director of the Korean Cultural Center in Germany, and Hyundai Capital Skywalkers volleyball players Moon Seong-min, Park Sang-ha, and Go Ale Lee Ho appeared and delivered messages of support to the athletes.

Then, a video containing the supportive comments and voices of the people collected through Special Olympics Korea’s social network service (SNS) event was screened to warm the atmosphere of the ceremony.

The celebration stage was also special. Kim Do-won, an artist with developmental disabilities, who is participating as the representative of Korea at the Global Players Congress held during the Berlin Games, performed a haegeum performance and conveyed the true meaning of congratulations.

At the main ceremony, the greetings of the representative of each competition and the departure speech of the team leader were held. Subsequently, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-kyun’s speech of encouragement was read by Jung-mi Lee, Director of Sports Cooperation at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and cheered for the health and promotion of the athletes. Afterwards, in addition to the touch button performance to declare the departure, a meaningful time was spent revealing the uniforms of the athletes.

On the other hand, at the ceremony of appreciating the appreciation plaque, Lee Yong-hoon, president of Special Olympics Korea, delivered a plaque of appreciation to the players from Youngone Outdoor, which sponsored the clothing sets, Dongcheon, which sponsored the hats, and Eaton Golf Pride, which sponsored the golf grips, on behalf of the athletes.

Lee Yong-hoon, chairman of Special Olympics Korea, said, “I would like to express my sincere condolences to the officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Berlin Embassy and the Korean Cultural Center in Germany, and the sponsors and Special Olympics families who have supported and worked hard behind the scenes, as well as the presidents of Special Olympics Korea’s 11 provinces and cities. Thank you with all my heart, including everyone.” He then encouraged the team, saying, “I firmly believe that good results will be borne based on the sweat we shed.”

“I will do my best so that the team can set an example for others and give them hope with the confidence that the team will gain through this tournament,” said Professor Cha Jeong-hoon of the Korea National Sport University, who was in charge of the Korean team leader of the Virtus Global Games.

The Virtus Global Games is the most prestigious international elite sports event for people with developmental disabilities, and this year, 2,000 players from 80 countries will participate in Vichy, France. The Republic of Korea will dispatch a total of 40 athletes to 5 events including cycling, swimming, rowing, table tennis and taekwondo from June 2nd to 12th.

The Special Olympics World Championships is the world’s largest sports festival for people with developmental disabilities. This year, 9,000 athletes from 190 countries will participate in Berlin, Germany. The Republic of Korea will dispatch a total of 151 athletes to 12 events from June 12th to 27th.토스카지노

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