Nayoung Kwon, the ‘Energizer’ of the university team, “is in charge of laughter on the team”

Kwon Na-young is in charge of laughter on the university team.

The women’s college national team, led by head coach Jang Seon-hyeong, will hold a Korea-Japan college selection basketball tournament starting on the 19th. As this is the first tournament to be held in four years, I am practicing to the best of my ability. The women’s college went into camp from the 13th. Nayoung Kwon of the University of Ulsan was proudly named in the university team.

Kwon Na-young said, “I am preparing really hard for a hundred times over. It is a process in which all players in the team communicate and get to know each other. First of all, our breathing has to be right. Coming from another team, there are things that are lacking in breathing. However, we have to make up for it through the remaining time.” After saying, “Japan is really fast. So I prepared a lot of pressure to control the opponent’s speed,” he started the interview.

Director Jang said, “As time is running out, seniors must show their skills. In particular, we have to play a big role in uniting our team members.” 

Let’s mention this, “I also think the senior year is important. As much as I was on a different team, the color of the team was different and the basketball I played was different. Seniors should communicate and unite as one. You have to lead them well,” he agreed with Director Jang.

Nayoung Kwon is the representative player of the University of Ulsan and the energizer of the national team. “I am in charge of laughter in the team. (Laughter) And at the same time, I am helping to communicate. And I’ve been listening to a lot of their stories. It’s lacking, but we try our best to become one.”

Later, when I asked Kwon Na-young about the team color of the women’s college national team, she said, “The coach emphasizes quick attacks and box-outs. And they take a variety of defensive tactics. We also do our best in that part and try to fulfill the bishop’s instructions. I think that’s our team color,” she said.

And she said, “Right now, I think the team got it right about 60%. The training time was not long. It’s gotten a lot better though. From now on, I will do my best to bring the team together. But now, the team’s defense is well matched and the pattern play is successful,” she said along with the team situation.먹튀검증

Finally, she said, “I don’t want to lose to Japan. (Laughter) I will run with the thought of winning unconditionally. I really want to win. If you prepare well, there will be good results. And I hope nobody gets hurt. That, too, is really important,” ending the interview.

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