‘Movable toilet + portable chair’ Jamboree uses virtually the entire playground… “It should be considered impossible to recover”

 With the Jamboree K-Pop Concert, which has a lot of talk and a lot of trouble, is approaching in one day, virtually the entire ground is expected to be exposed.

The 2023 Saemangeum Jamboree K-Pop Concert will be held on the 11th at 7pm at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Prior to the concert, the closing ceremony will also be held at the same venue.

Previously, the K-pop concert was scheduled to be held in the Saemangeum area. However, on the 6th, it was changed to Jeonju World Cup Stadium in a hurry. The Ministry of Culture and Sports explained the change of location as “the result of a combination of the capacity and movement conditions.”

The sudden change was not the end. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced on the 8th that the venue for the K-pop concert will be changed from Jeonju World Cup Stadium to Seoul World Cup Stadium. It was an inevitable decision according to the forecast of Typhoon Kanun passing through the Korean Peninsula,” he said.

The problem of damaging the lawn of the stadium amidst the come and go administration was also raised. When news of the venue being changed to the Seoul World Cup Stadium circulated, an FC Seoul official said, “Since E seat is a variable seat, it is possible to perform sufficiently without damaging the grass.” We are watching closely,” he said.

Contrary to the wishes of Seoul officials, the stage is installed on the side of the S-seok goalpost. The appearance of the stadium I visited around 4:00 pm on the 10th was the overall outline of the performance. The stage started behind the S-seok goalpost and occupied ¼ of the ground beyond the penalty box. A portable toilet was installed in the direction of E seat, which is a variable seat. In and out of the stadium, he carried a simple chair from time to time and virtually utilized the entire ground.

Seoul World Cup Stadium introduced hybrid grass for the first time in Korea in March last year. At the time, the Seoul Facilities Corporation said, “Hybrid turf is a mixture of natural turf and artificial turf in a ratio of 95:5. It has the effect of preventing I spent a lot of money on it, but I was in a position to worry about damage in about a year and five months.

A K-League club grass manager voiced concern, saying, “In hot and humid weather, such a performance takes 100% damage to the grass.”

“August is the time to pay more attention to lawn care,” he said. How do you water the lawn during installation?” he asked.

In addition, he said bitterly, “It should be seen that the grass where the pillars are installed for the stage is almost dead.”메이저놀이터

Through the ‘Jamboree K-Pop Concert Safety Measures and Progress Briefing’ held at 4:00 pm on the 10th, Choi Hoon, head of the Local Autonomy and Balanced Development Office of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, said, “Soccer fans are concerned about the grass.” We are proceeding with caution in this part,” he explained. “Nevertheless, there is a concern about damage to the lawn, so we have secured a budget for rapid restoration,” he said.

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