“May Gimcheon become a soccer mecca”… Lee Heung-sil, head of Gimcheon, leaves Gimcheon

Lee Heung-sil, head of Gimcheon’s managing director, resigns from his position.

Director Lee revealed through <Best Eleven> that he had decided to step down from the position of director of Kim Cheon. Director Lee, who is currently staying in Changwon, expressed his gratitude to those around him, saying, “Thank you to the Gimcheon soccer club members and members of the Gimcheon Supporters Association for their support. I am also grateful to the Gimcheon employees who have worked together to establish a good foundation as a founding team for the past two years.” 메이저놀이터

He continued, “I will pray and support Gimcheon City to transform into a soccer city and a new soccer mecca in the future. As a soccer fan, I will support Gimcheon so that he can achieve good results this year.”

Lee, who is 61 years old this year, served as the head of Gimcheon for two years from 2021. He had been active as a leader and entered the path of an administrator through Gimcheon. Gimcheon experienced the 2021 season K League 2 championship and promotion with general manager Lee. Through this, general manager Lee also left a rare record of experiencing a league championship as a player, leader, and administrator as a soccer player. In addition, during his tenure as director, he actively engaged in various regional contribution activities and showed that he was breathing with the local people.

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