Masan High School Jin Jae-han, “I want to be like Choi Joon-yong, the head of the offense and defense”

“I want to become a versatile player like Choi Jun-yong. He is a karate player who is good at both defense and offense.”

Korea University stayed in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, from the 13th to the 25th to prepare for the opening of the College Basketball League. Geoje City called in high school teams and played a lot of practice games to check the organizational skills that were refined during the winter training.

Masan High School is also one of the teams that played a practice match against Korea University. At Masan High School, Jin Jae-han (197cm, F), who was a tall player but mainly played on the outskirts, stood out.

Jin Jae-han said, “I started playing basketball at the beginning of my second year of middle school. He played club basketball, and at that time he was good enough to go out of the tournament. He met Eight Ryongjung, and after being defeated by nearly 70 points메이저놀이터, he was tall and he liked basketball, so he wanted to officially try it.”

After entering Palryong Middle School, he transferred to Geummyeongjung, Pusan ​​Jungang High School, and then moved back to Masang High School.

When asked what part he learned from the gold hit, which is the basic of basketball, Jin Jae-han said, “(Kim Il-mo, gold hit coach) always said that a person should be human, and even a basketball player is useless if he does not have good character. He learned a lot about coming back and throwing shots and doing dirty work on the team, defending and rebounding and getting into the fast break.”

During practice games with Korea University, I spent more time outside the goal than under the goal. At this time, the pass that matched the movement of his teammates stood out.

Jin Jae-han said, “It was because it was difficult to run. The height of the brothers was high, so I tried to run fast when I lost a point,” he said. “I wanted the pass to be visible. He’s not good at passing. It’s because his friends move well,” he lowered himself.

When the accuracy of the three-point shot thrown from the outskirts was lowered, Jin Jae-han said, “The rim of the gym here (Samsung Heavy Industries Hugh Center) is a little low. I shot like I used to shoot, so the shot was either long or short, so the feeling of the shot didn’t match.”

Masan High School carried out construction of the gym during the winter break. There was no court for players to use during winter training. Because of this, I spent this winter traveling abroad.

Jin Jae-han said, “It is difficult in terms of stamina because there are more movements than difficulties, and the gym is not ours, so (players) got hurt because we practiced a lot. It’s okay to stay outside.”

Jin Jae-han, who has left the last year of high school, said, “I am confident in shooting and participating in fast attacks. He’s grabbing a lot of rebounds this year and shouldn’t be beaten by taller opponents on defense. He promised to do more defense and dirty work,” he said, “I want to become a versatile player like Choi Jun-yong. He is a karate player who is good at both defense and offense. It’s fun to watch Choi Jun-yong play. That’s why he watches the SK game.”

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