Manchester United, De Gea replacement and Kane’s Plan B are also looking for Inter… What is the priority?

Both the front and rear positions, which are considered to be the positions that Manchester United must reinforce this summer, are aiming for Inter Milan’s key players. However, it is unclear whether simultaneous recruitment is possible.

Recently, local media such as ‘Gachetta dello Sport’ and ‘Calcho Mercato’ are reporting one after another that Manchester United is paying attention to a star from Inter.

Among the strikers, the player Manchester United is targeting is Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez. Although he lost face by not scoring a single goal in the process of winning the ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’, he is a competitive striker on the professional stage. Since scoring 14 goals in the last 2019-2020 season, he has scored 17 goals, 21 goals and 17 goals (this season in progress). His determination has ups and downs, but his tactical value is high due to his dedicated team play.

Manchester United is known to be aiming for Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane and Napoli’s Victor Osimen first, but to recruit them, they have to compete with Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Martinez is the next best thing. However, Kane is 30 years old, and Osimen has a history of suffering from injuries every season, so Martinez is ahead of him.

Goalkeeper Onana is considered the best goalkeeper in the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) this season. While at Ajax, banned substances were detected and he was punished, and his advance to the big club was delayed, but after joining Inter as a free agent, he gradually pushed Samir Handanovic this season and established himself as the successor. He is a modern goalkeeper with various advantages, such as the ability to distribute the ball and a wide range of defense.메이저사이트

To Man Utd coach Eric Turnhagh, Oh Nana is a disciple. When leading Ajax and causing a sensation, Onana played an active role as the main goalkeeper. Not only does he have a deep connection, but he also fits well with manager Turn Hag’s tactics, which require a variety of abilities from goalkeepers. It is different from the rumor that goalkeeper David De Gea, who is the father of Manchester United, is not well suited to tactics and is being released.

Inter’s Chinese parent company, Suning, has suffered from financial difficulties since 2021, and the club’s livelihood has become tight. As a result, it has been releasing key players every season, and it is known that Martinez or Onana can be sold this summer if a sufficient transfer fee is presented. However, in order to avoid rapid weakening of the club, it is known that the policy is to sell only one player with a large transfer fee. Since they reached the semifinals of the UCL this season and made big profits and confirmed the competitiveness of the squad, losing all of the main axes could lead to a decline in grades and a decrease in profits in the long run. There is also an analysis that Manchester United will have to prioritize between Martinez and Onana and contact them.

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