“Mad matches, monsters, heists”. Makachev for victory, Volkanovski for ‘Warrior’s honor’ – UFC284

It was truly a dragon and tiger. It was, as UFC stars Marvin Vettori and Nate Diaz put it, ‘a crazy fight’ and Volkanovski was a ‘monster’.

P4P held in Perth, Australia on the 12th, ‘UFC 284’ between 1st and 2nd place Volkanovski and Makhachev, and lightweight champion Makhachev and Volkanovski, was a close-quarters brawl.

The fight between the two, who neutralized each other’s specialties and created a drama with a twist, was selected as the best fight (Fight of the Night) by the UFC, and Makachev, who won, ranked first in P4P.

Makhachev set the mood early and won the round-by-round scoring and won by decision, but looking at the overall flow, Volkanovski was more combative and overbearing.

So, Australia’s home fans who cheered for Volk with fervent cheers booed when the decision was announced, and some fighters even said ‘Volk was robbed of victory’.

Many people who watched the scene at the stadium and SNS reactions such as Twitter were explosive, and there were many opinions that ‘the two warriors should face each other again’.

UFC Korea said, ‘It was like the first pound-for-pound (P4P) match in history.’

UFC Europe wrote, ‘Champion against champion, pound 4 super fighting’.

Middleweight No. 4 Marvin Vettori admired it as a ‘crazy fight’ and Michael Keesa said ‘VVVVOOOOLLLLKKKKK!!!!!!! This is insane!!!!!! ‘#UFC284’ cheered.

Jared Gordon said ‘Volkanovski is a real monster’.

Bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling said ‘Makachev had a lead by about 2 points’, but ‘Wonder Boy’ Stephen Thompson judged that Volk won 2-1.

There was quite a bit of talk about the judgment.

Former champion and commentator Daniel Cormier said: ‘It was a bad score. Volk didn’t lose anything tonight. He commented, “No fighter in any weight class in the world can fight so well.”

Nate Diaz said, ‘Yeah, that’s right.온라인카지노 Makachev grabbed his butt’ in response, and fans wondered how a unanimous decision could come out. It’s embarrassing’ or ‘No, Volk was robbed’.

ESPN’s Rory Horesh said, “The scoreboard came out 48-47, 48-47, 49-46. Who the hell would have scored 49-46? It’s funny,’ he criticized.

Former two-weight champion Henry Cejudo said, ‘It was the fiercest fight in the history of the sport. I respect the two fighters,’ Brian Ortega, who fought Chan-sung Jung, tweeted that it was a ‘fantastic battle’.

Vbalishvili’s ‘The Great Volkanovski. He admired, ‘How can you fight so well’, and Cody insisted that Brandt ‘have to do it again’.

Former undefeated lightweight champion Khabib said, ‘Makachev is the best. This match between the two will remain in the sport for a long time,” he praised.

Meanwhile, Makachev and Volkanovski, who played the best games, said a word each.

Volk, who “expected to win,” said, “Islam is a great fighter. I prepared well and had a great game.”

“Love it or hate it, I am the best fighter in the world right now,” Makhachev said. Alexander was a great fighter.”

The atmosphere for the second match between the two has already been concluded. But it doesn’t happen right away. This is because Volkanovski will first have to fight Yair Rodriguez, who finished Josh Emmett twice in the previous match, for the unification title.

Volkanovski also said that he would fight again, but would not rush, saying, “I will challenge again after finishing the featherweight division.”

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