“Liverpool’s worst decision to sign Minamino over Haalan” legend angers

 Monster striker Elling Hollan (22) has a tremendous effect. Manchester City are on the verge of a Premier League title and have reached the finals of the Champions League and FA Cup.

There is a possibility that Hollan will achieve the ‘Treble’ in his first season in Man City. His personal record is also overwhelming. He is likely to be the top scorer with 36 goals in 33 league appearances. 7 assists.

Watching this, the teams that were connected to Holland in the past have no choice but to feel sick to their stomachs. In particular, having Minamino Takumi (28, AS Monaco), not Holland, at the same time in January 2020 is something Liverpool will regret forever.

Three years ago, Halan and Minamino ate together with Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers) at Red Bull Salzburg. The two stood out early on. Hollan made a new nest in Borussia Dortmund for 20 million euros (28.9 billion won), and Minamino in Liverpool for 8.5 million euros (approximately 12.3 billion won).

Haalan dominated the Bundesliga for three seasons. Manchester City took over the Premier League this season. On the other hand, Minamino did not get a chance at Liverpool, being pushed by the so-called ‘wife’ (Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah). He became a player exclusively for cup competitions, and packed up after last season. He moved to French AS Monaco, but has only scored 1 goal in 17 league appearances.토토사이트

Liverpool legend John Aldridge took to the streets on the 18th via the British Independent. “Minamino played for Salzburg on the night of the Champions League. It was the same with Holland. A few months later, Liverpool signed Minamino, and Dortmund signed Haalan.”

Liverpool were fascinated by Minamino, who played so well against them. Aldridge insisted Liverpool should have Haalan instead of him.

“Recently, the decision makers at Anfield have made some of the best choices,” said Aldridge. However, signing with Minamino rather than Halan was the worst decision ever. It has become clear this season.”

There was a difference in transfer fees at the time, but if Liverpool had spent a little more at this time, they could have enjoyed the glory with Holland. In the end, the joys and sorrows were mixed.

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