‘Lee Kang-in selection’ Mallorca leads Real 1-0… Muriki’s first goal → Nacho’s own goal corrected

Mallorca lead at home against Real Madrid.

In the 2022-2023 La Liga round 20 held at Iberostar Estadio in Mallorca, Spain at 10:00 pm (Korean time) on the 5th, Mallorca finished the first half 1-0 against Real Madrid.

Prior to the match, the starting list was announced. Mallorca was spearheaded by Vedat Muriki. Kang-in Lee, Dani Rodriguez, Luis de Galareta, and Idrisu Bava formed the midfield. Jaume Costa and Pablo Maffeo played both wing-backs, with Matia Nastasic, Antonio Rayo and Giovanni Gonzalez as three-backs. The goal was guarded by Fredrik Rykovic 안전놀이터.

In the 2nd minute of the first half, Lee Kang-in tried to dribble forward and tripped at Valverde’s foot. The ensuing free kick was also taken by Lee Kang-in, but it was not connected to a teammate. Even in the 10th minute of the first half, Lee Kang-in scored a free kick that Mafeo had earned, but goalkeeper Rooney caught it.

Mallorca scored the first goal. In the 12th minute of the first half, De Galareta put a right-footed cross towards Muriki, and Muriki competed for the header. The ball rather hit Nacho’s head and passed goalkeeper Lunin’s key, leading to Real’s own goal.

In the 20th minute of the first half, Lee Kang-in caught the ball in a counterattack situation. After beating Camavinga near the half-line, he passed to Rodriguez, who penetrated. However, Rodriguez’s touch was not good and he gave up the ball.

Real pushed Mallorca for an equaliser but struggled to get into the penalty box. Most of his mid-range shots also flew high and missed.

Vinicius received a yellow card in the 43rd minute. With five cumulative warnings, the next match was confirmed. The first half ended with Mallorca leading 1-0.

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