Kim Yu-na and Ando Miki, who had been secretly dating, as a judge at the ‘ISU Awards’

Former Japanese national figure skater Miki Ando (36), who used to compete with ‘Figure Skating Queen’ Yuna Kim, made a name for herself in the international ice skating world.

The International Skating Union (ISU) has been appointed as one of the judges at the ‘2023 Skating Awards’, which awards various figures related to figure skating. 카지노

On the 26th, the ISU announced the six judges, along with Christopher Dean (Great Britain), gold medalist in ice dance at the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984, and Surya Bonaly (France), who won three consecutive silver medalists in women’s singles at the 1993-1995 Figure Skating World Championships. Called.

The ISU said, “We have assembled a judging panel with a great track record,” referring to Ando, ​​saying, “She won gold medals in women’s singles at the 2007 and 2011 World Figure Skating Championships, as well as at the 2004 World Junior Championships and the 2011 Four Continents Championships. She is the world’s first female skater to land a quadruple jump in an official competition.”

He also introduced, “Right now, I’m going on various shows and tours in Japan.”

Ando was a top athlete sharing the podium in various international women’s figure skating competitions around 2010 along with Yuna Kim and Mao Asada (Japan).

Although she was technically excellent, such as landing a 4-rotation jump, she showed off her sensitivity and expressiveness unique to Japanese players, and she has many fans in Korea as well.

She placed 15th at the 2006 Turin Games and 5th at the 2010 Vancouver Games, but retired from her career when she became pregnant a year before the 2014 Sochi Games.

After her retirement, she is living her second life, appearing in various ice shows and doing her coaching job.

In May 2014, I visited Korea for the Bolshoi Ice Show. It is known that he has a special affection for Korea, such as donating 1,000 dollars to the Sewol ferry disaster in the same year.

The ‘2023 Skating Awards’ is a stage that selects and awards the best people or works over the past year in six fields: skater, costume, rookie, coach, choreographer, and program.

In the best skater category, Patrick Chen (USA), gold medalist in men’s singles at the Beijing Olympics last year, Anna Sherbakova (Russia), gold medalist in women’s singles, and Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cijron (France), gold medalists in ice dancing, were nominated. In addition, three female players, Isabo Levito (USA), Watanabe Rinka (Japan), and Nina Petrokina (Finland), were registered as candidates for the rookie category.

There are no Korean players and coaches, and the winners will be announced on the 5th of next month.

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